Nimco Handle switch assemblies.

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Jul 31, 2021
Salmon, Idaho
TYM T233
I have a Nimco cable actuated FEL valve. The handle had, a two button switch assembly mounted. The guy I bought it from decided he didn’t like it, took it out and pitched it. I want to add a diverter valve to run a grapple, and am going to mount a couple of new switches. I can source water proof, normally open, single throw, single pole pushbutton switches which will physically fit, and handle the current.

But, I would like to reinstall a factory set of switches mounted on a circuit board if I can find them. Does anyone know of an aftermarket source for the Nimco repair switches?

I found replacement handles with the switches, and could just buy one which would bolt on. But I will go the non-stock way for $30, before I spend the $300 for a new handle with three switches.