New Holland TC45D opinions?

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I hate to say it but in this used market you almost need to already know what you want, hunt every day and go get it as soon as it is listed. It is the only way you're getting a good deal. Do your research and make your short list and have cash on hand to put down a deposit or buy it out right.

I tried the used market and it was crazy how fast things sold, it isn't going to get better either for a little while anyways.
With the current situations (no or limited new equipment and the advent of the post 4 emissions mandates), the used market is hot and factoring in inflation and the decreasing value of the dollar, you have the ideal scenario for price increases going on. I follow Sandhills auctions all the time. You can easily see the constant price increases.
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Lots of old threads about them and lots to learn . I bought a 04 tc45 a year ago and researched the **** out of them . The d's are older than the da's . D's have very thick fiberglass sheet metal. DA's went to plastic and were prone to cracking by the fenders. D's have a screened vent on top of the hood better looking head lights, DA's moved the battery location. Tc45d's have no mid pto TC40d's do,TC45da' do.

If you are really interested defiantly do the research. Mine is a cream puff everyone thinks it's a brand-new tractor runs great. No electronics. no pollution crap. 🍻
Spitter, do you know if the internal gear is in the TC45DA for the mid PTO to mesh with or does the tractor have to be split to add the gear before mounting a mid PTO?
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Interestingly, there are no CNH dealers around here which I find to be strange actually. 2 Kubota dealers, 2 JD dealers, a TYM-Branson dealer but no CNH dealers at all.
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As far as I can tell, no. If you want one there, is one available on Ebay for $450 new old stock in the box with the installation instructions. I'm shure if you call the guy, he could check the instructions and tell you for shure.

It's a good thing it don't fit on my tractor otherwise it would be on there already. 🍻