need suggestion on wood chipper

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Nine years of use on my BX62S - the blades are still razor sharp. Because I chip ONLY green pine and I don't drag them thru the dirt and mud. That represent chipping between 7500 to 8500 small pines. At that rate - I'll probably croak before needing to get the blades sharpened. Heck - I haven't even reversed the blades yet.
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I found a chipper that, supposedly, will work on a 35hp tractor. It's not a unit the average homeowner is going to buy. It has hydraulic in-feed lift to help grab incoming material and load sensing - to stop in feeding when the chipper rotor slows. Load sensing is probably why they say it works with 35hp. Lordy -- the chipper rotor weighs 600#. I haven't found a price yet but I'll bet it's astronomic. Look at the - 810PTO model.
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I found a Woods TCH4500 demo sold cheap because it didn't like to chip anything. Turns out there are some blades offered as replacements (in fact by Woods) that are too small and wrong angle. I found out the name of the company that originally made the blades for this machine, but they WOODN'T sell them retail. A Woods dealer in Ann Arbor got them for me and it now works very well. My JD 35hp 1070 doesn't even care that it's there on 4" material. Didn't come with a screen, but seems to have holes for one. Only issue I have with it is the low discharge chute, you have to kick the chips out of the way or it will plug up the rotor area. But it was only $1400 and essentially brand new.
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I would buy couple of sets of spare knives if you plan on keeping the chipper.

If it's not a common chipper (or knife) model, they could be pretty expensive if they had to be custom made later.

Just saying...