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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
Kubota B3030HSDC
I have to show off my new toy....ahem, i mean tool. I have been keeping my eyes open for a decent used Dump trailer for months. I found this one on Craigslist. Original owner went into the lawn care business, only to find out he could not make a profit competing with illegal aliens willing to work for $5/hr. He had ten foot sides on it.... part of which are still on the trailer. He had a large leaf vac and used the trailer to haul the leaves away. He claimed to have used the trailer for only seven loads of leaves before calling it quits, which sounds close to the truth by looking at the condition of the trailer. The paint on the inside of the bed is barely scratched. I had my heart set on a 10,000 GVW trailer, but settled for this 7,000lb unit since the condition was so close to new. My main use will be hauling firewood home... so i feel the lighter duty unit will be fine for me. The pics were taken the day i brought it home. I have since replaced the plywood sides with 16" PT side boards (two 2X8s). I'm looking forward to a day that is warm enough to give it a good wash.... it came with half a load of leaves frozen in the back at no extra charge !! And my Momma told me there was no such thing as a free lunch !!


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Well I would say you did real good. That looks nice. Where will the firewood come from? Do you have country property where your cutting?
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Very nice! I have a locally made white copy of it. Have not stalled it yet loaded pretty full with damp clay. FYI, I was able to download a manual for the pump online. (May depend on mfgr). Also, when I checked the fluid initially, it was very low (brand new) ... It worked but started to suck air at full up position :mad:
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looks like a heck of a deal !!! now build a roller belt to move fire wood to wood rack and vacuume system that will select and send the wood straight to your fire place. lol
I have been looking at those trailers and am hoping to make enough money with my set up this summer to buy some more toys. Money made through the business acounts goes for more tools (shhh toys). Lets see the pics of the new sides when you get a chance

happy wood dumpin
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Looks like a great deal. . congradulations. I have a 10' Pequea dumptrailer with 18" pt ply wood sides on it and can put about 4 face cords in it. I just stack against the front of the trailer and along the back gate, the rest we just throw in. Works great.
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BTDT, a friend of a friend gave me a pile of log length hardwood from a piece of commercial property he bought. A tree service was a tennant, but flew the coop leaving behind a pile logs. I also scrounge anywhere i can. We don't have a rural piece of property yet, but i've been looking for the right piece in northern Maine since last summer.

A friend who owns a dump trailer insisted i borrow his for a couple days last fall (he is just that kind of guy!). Using his for two days did me in ! A dump trailer was something i could no longer do without. I browsed at new trailers, but since this isn't really going to make me money, i knew Whats-Her-Name would not be as enthusiastic about buying a new one. Similar new trailers i looked into started around $4600..... i paid $2200 for my lightly used 04 model. Now i just need to modify the tailgate into a rampgate so i can drive my tractor into it.
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You did good all around, free wood, cheep trailer, intelligent friend, etc. Good luck on future property.
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I have been looking at them very hard also. I just pulled the trigger on a 12K 7x12 2 days ago. I already hauled 2 cords of wood with it. I would be interested in seeing pics of the new sides also..
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That's sure sharp looking and nice setup...we'll get your $$'s back in now time from the use.
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scesnick said:
I have been looking at them very hard also. I just pulled the trigger on a 12K 7x12 2 days ago. I already hauled 2 cords of wood with it. I would be interested in seeing pics of the new sides also..

I stopped at a trailer dealer last week and picked up a set of the corner brackets like they use on rack body trucks..... the ones that inter-lock when you slide the front end into the pockets after the sides go in (or vise versa). Other than installing them, my PT side boards are done. I'm hoping the sides are rugged enough to stand up to loading firewood into the trailer with my FEL. I'll get some pictures posted after i take her on her maiden voyage.

I scored a nice silver maple yesterday that a former neighbor is having taken down.... looks like it'll be a good couple cord. I should be able to try out my trailer in the next couple weeks..... just need enough snow to melt to get into the guys back yard. At some point i'd like to have it weighed (perhaps at a local sand pit) when full of firewood to see how much wood i can haul versus my 7000 GVW.