My dog's not doing well

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With a heavy heart, I just said my last goodbyes to Mason. My wife and daughter are with him at the vet, and after further consult, we made the difficult decision to end his suffering. I thought we might have a glimmer of hope, but it wasn't to be.

It seems so stupid that a person can struggle to say his last goodbyes to a dog, but I could barely even see through all the tears as I tried to give him words of comfort. I think dogs should be required to live longer than their owners. They're so much better at comforting us, then I feel we are at comforting them. Man, what a crappy day. 😢

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, wishes and prayers. I wish the journey and outcome could have been different.
I'm so sorry gsganzer I know the feeling, about a year or so ago I lost my working Aussy at 15 1/2 . . . again I'm sorry.
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I'm sad to hear this. I read your first post, and was going to tell you to make him an oxygen tent in a pet carrier, if you have an oxygen welding gas tank at home.

But then I read the 2nd post. You have my condolences. You gave him better care than most people could afford. I would like to have another large dog, but I can't afford high end vet care. I remember spending over $6000 in the late '90's on my Golden.

I think Vet care has become a "pre-programmed" system, and I blame the pet meds corporations. Heart worm pills, flea pills, whatever kind of pills....and when they get old, it's special diets and even more pills. Knock them out to clean their teeth, it just costs a small fortune if you have a breed that gets cancer or other problems as they age.

But I love dogs. Especially well trained, smart large breeds. We have a chihuahua that was abandoned. I believe because she hates other dogs. Fine with people and strangers, but if one strange dog comes around she's extremely scared and will scream and panic. But chihuahuas are the healthiest dogs overall.
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Tears...had to put my setter down this past Spring. She had fought with Lyme and anaplasmosis which seriously damaged her kidneys. We kept he comfortable for as long as we could but finally knew it was time. She had lost 40% of her body weight and looked at me one evening as if to tell me it was time and it was...she died under the affects of the sedative...
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You did your best. Mason's family was there at the end. It's the least we can do for such loyal creatures. It takes a brave heart to hold a dog till the last breath.
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My condolences. You have done your best and he fought a good fight. Sometimes the right thing to do is also the hardest.
But he was surrounded by your family, and knew until the end that you would do what's best for him.
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I gave him one last pet before I buried him under the pecan tree in our front yard. He's now resting with my 3 previous large dogs. It made me smile to reflect on how blessed I've been to have each of them in my family's life. Each one of them watched over us and brought us joy.