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Thank you for posting that! I see the price has been knocked down to $5.99 instead of the original $9.99. BUT, your coupon number works and brings the price down to $3.99. I'm good to go, thanks to you. :thumbsup:
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You might consider a swivling dolly under one end (or the other) so it can be steered. Isn't anything better than having them up and out of the way. Really space takers.

I thought about that but decided not to add the complexity. Maybe when I get a little older and don't want to muscle it around anymore. :)
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Belated thanks for posting this. I got the $4 wheels from HF and 5/8" threaded rod and 3/4" tube from McMaster for the axles. All worked great. Sturdy for cleaning and a real space saver. The pneumatic wheels work well on the gravel lane to my garage.
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How often do you guys wash out your deck?
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How often do you guys wash out your deck?

I've washed mine out once in three years, just to see how it works. Didn't seem to do much except blow water all over. I blow it out with compressed air and scrape anything off the bottom whenever I have it up on the stand.
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I power wash mine when I put it away for the winter. Paint the underside with graphite paint. I think there is a picture somewhere on this Forum.
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I've washed my deck once (Toro 42 inch) and like Kenny, there didn't seem to be much point, as the Toro deck I've got seems to have been 'converted' (in the factory by Toro) to a mulching deck. My place doesn't have much call for mulching. It seems, though, that 'they' have plated over (internally) the pressed, curved exit chute to the side and left a 'real nice' little tunnel on top for crap to lodge. I've dug out lots of crud - all very damp - and the deck wash doesn't do a thing. I'm a bit glad I looked, as I reckon the tunnel would rust out quicktime if left. It seems as though the mulching caper is a series of afterthoughts and some pretty 'high-schoolish' design. Boo to Toro.
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I pressure wash mine after every season the let it dry and then coat it with new motor oil, something cheap but use new as used has acids and will rot your deck out. Mine is 9 years old and looks pretty darn good on the under side!
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I went the three wheel method and it is easy to guide into a storage corner. I clean and oil the deck every fall. Two cuttings and it is bright shiney which leaves no build up ( providing you don't cut wet grass ). The low lift under the frame ( about 3 1/2" ) excludes loader usage..... the only real complaint on their engineering.
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I am going to make one Monday. Have been walking around my 60" deck every winter for years. Looks like a good stand for cleaning also. Thanks for the Idea. :thumbsup: