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TMGT made a good alternative suggestion regarding Miller XMT's.

It's a good solid reliable (IMO) multiprocess unit. Stick, DC Tig, and will run whatever feeders and spool gun( with WC24 controller) for aluminum.

I have a 350 XMT. I've since sold the XR feeder with push pull gun when I bought the MM350P, but still have a spool gun for aluminum.

Here's pics of mine with some of the accessories.

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Great flexibility for adding the features you need.


They seem to be nice machines. Not quite as clean of a setup as an enclosed mig with somewhat limited shop space, but the versatility may be nice. One thing I have to wonder though - with inverter stick machines at such a low price, it seems the value of multiprocess is questionable, especially for a shop machine? Portable would be different.

From what I've seen perusing them used, they seem to be pricey. Though there aren't very many around, so maybe a deal will come along.
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My 304 with 24a feeder is smaller and lighter then the mm251 it replaced, I bought mine used off ebay from a seller that had a lot of used welders available (I'm guessing either a dealer or repair shop) mine has had the capacitors replaced with the updated versions.
I paid $1650 for the xmt304, 24a feeder, Optima pulser, it also had a newer Radnor spraymaster 350 gun, a decent ground clamp and a decent flow meter, that price also included shipping from FL to VA so there are some deals out there.
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I am looking at upgrading my Hobart 230 - looking for something with a bit better spray capability. The miller 252 would do what I need, but I'm intrigued by the idea of pulse welding, and the options that the jump up to the 350P would bring. However, with the increased capabilities come an increased price tag. I'm looking at a couple used units for sale relatively nearby to me. If anyone has suggestions on these machines, I'd like to hear.

One unit was manufactured in 2007, and used in a small welding shop. It has 950 arc hours on it.

I'm not sure the complete back story of the second one, theoretically used as a hobbyist machine and doesn't even have a full roll of wire through it. It's currently in storage and I will need a generator to test it. I am supposed to get the serial number today.

Both sellers are asking $2500. I've read that other inverter based miller machines can go 10000+ hours, but haven't found anything specifically about the 350P.

350P is a pretty good unit but in the beginning they had bazillions of board problems. Still better than a spray machine which is what you would get with any non pulse set up. it all comes down to $$$. If i were to buy a Basic pulse mig, i'd buy lincoln MP. Still, There are wayyyy more advanced mig units out there with twin pulse that can be set up like an AC/DC tig machine. nothing in the states comes close. Not by weld results or buy the high cost of these fancy dancy machines. Do some back checking on the 350P from the year it was built and check out the feedback before you buy.
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jb: You mentioned "you can't afford a boat anchor".

If it were me, I'd give it a pass. KNOWINGLY buying a welder with a rep of a good possibility of board problems (making a repair financially unpractical) would make me a good candidate for one of those DIY brain surgery kits. . IMHO of course.....