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Nov 11, 2012
Vienne, France
Acme ALN 330WB
Hi, just started my industrial after a month or so, engine starts, increased the throttle / revs, everything OK, then after a few moments the revs decreases to nothing. I am thinking a fuel problem (lift pump / fuel filter / partial blockage, any ideas? thank you
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Change the f filter and get back to us..
There is a bleeder screw on the injection pump, by the name plate.. it’s a double screw with a 5/16 head.. loosen the 5/16 and crank the engine and look for air bubbles.. wait until u get solid fuel and tighten the screw..
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thank you, I'll give it a try
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If your machine has the filter that’s held together with the long bolt thru the center, the top oring goes UP IN THE GROOVE IN THE FILTER HEAD..
NOT ON the filter..
Seeing it petered out on its own, your gonna hafta bleed the injectors.. just loosen the line nut a couple of turns, and pull the throttle to wide open and crank the engine until fuel squirts out of the lines..
Make sure the shut off is pushed in and is in the RUN position..
Good luck