MF 1431 Air in the Hydraulics.

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I finally gave up and called the dealer /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif .
He should be picking it up Monday or Tuesday. I'll post whatever he finds. Any idea where I can get a service manual?
Thanks again for all the help.
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MF has good manuals. Get you a:
Shop Manual
Engine Manual
Parts Manual
Loader Manual
All of these should be about $100, all together. MF has better prices on manuals than any of the manufactures.
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USMC, </font><font color="blue" class="small">( I'll post whatever he finds )</font> <font color="blue"> </font>

Any scoop yet on the hydraulics snafu? I'm getting ready to change my filter and other than making sure that 3PH & loader are at rest is there any other things is should look out for?

I have had my loader off several times with-out a problem.
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Well here's what was found.
The lower housing screen(the one that gets cleaned and replaced) was slimed over with some kind of jelly like material. It took about an hour of cleaning with diesel to get it off. What was happening was the pump was unable to pull the fluid through the screen and would wind up starving for fluid(I thought that it was excessive air getting into the system). The dealer said he had no idea why the screen would get slimed over like that. This tractor is brand new with only 131 hours on it. I will be keeping an eye on the lower screen twice as frequently as the manufacturer recommends. I will post if it happens again.
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If the screen was like that, it sounds like someone put a low quality oil in it. Make sure that they put Permatran III in it.
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Yeah that would be a possibility. I had the 50 hour service done by the dealer I got it from and I bought Permatran III from another dealer. I can only hope that the dealer who did the service put the right fluid in. This really fries my cookies because the pump is making noise now and the dealer won't warranty it. As son as I get it fixed its going. I'll trade it in on something else.
Jerry thanks for all your help.
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What kind of noise and when?
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The noise is a high pitched whining sound coming from the hydraulic pump. The sound is not steady but intermittent(kind of like pulsing). The thing still acts like it is sucking air as the noise is made at the exact time when the loader won't go up. The dealer told me that he drained the fluid and replaced it when he cleaned the screen when he had it. The pump is going to cost me 560.00 and the dealer told me that he would do the job for just the cost of the pump. I don't trust this guy to do the job right so I'm going to do it my self.
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Sometimes it is hard to hear where the sound is coming for exactly. I know I have thought that a sound was coming for one place, when it was indeed coming for another. Take a bar or a long screw driver and place it on the pump when it is making the noise. Then move it back through the system while pressing it to your temple. It will be louder at the source. The reason that I am saying this is because I would hate for you to spend that kind of money and it not be the pump. I am beginning to think that the suction side is plugged somewhere between the suction screen and the pump.
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The noise is definately coming from the pump. I pulled the lower filter out today and it had some fine particles on it so I got it soaking and I will get it back in when I think it is clean enough. I ordered a new one as mine looked weird. It looked like it had been subjected to strong vacuum (this would make sense if it was plugged). I just can't believe that the pump would have failed so easily. I just don't have enough information on the feed side of the hydraulic system(I can't get the service manual) to start taking things apart. I really think that the possiblity of some kind of blockage on the suction side is causing my trouble. I believe that the suction side is just a straight shot out of the sump and up to the inlet side of the pump( a large 1" steel tube) the only exception is the distribution block for the loader that must be on the pressure side but it should not be a factor as long as I loop the two line together. I don't want to spend big money on the pump only to have the thing not work. I'll keep you informed as I go. Any tips are appreciated.