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Jan 27, 2021
That looks like a former.. concrete buggy?! I love it!!

So glad to hear you’re sticking to the slew base. Even having to rotate with tracks between every scoop would SUCK. You wanna see a crazy swing boom idea, look at a Ditch Witch XT850! Crazy, not easy..

Will be interested to hear the results of the 2gpm pump. I would expext that to be on the slow side at anything less than full engine rpm. My preference would be for something that is a little fast at full rpm (but not crazy fast like your splitter pump!) and then rev down a little to suit. But its a balancing act because it takes X hp to make X psi at X gpm and i dont recall what your relief valve pressure is? Also, just out of curiosity, did the hydraulics ever stall the engine with the current pump? If you have a 3gpm high pressure stage on your current pump then the 2gpm pump would be proportionally slower than what that hogh pressure stage fees like right now. Cant wait for the updates!! 👍👍

Relief pressure on the valve is factory set at 2000psi - I didn't adjust it. Maybe I should.

The pump can stall the engine.... I think.
The engine hasnt been run in...5? years; at full throttle it runs like crap, same at idle, but great at 1/2 throttle! Lets say it might need a little work.
It'll die randomly; but often the hydraulics could stall it.

New pump is 1.93GPM at 2000 RPM, and 3.48 GPM at 3600 - it shouldn't be that bad?
I mean, anything seems better than what I have now.

I looked up the price of a use concrete buggy to rob the tracks from - they are quite expensive!
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Jun 25, 2021
San Antonio Texas
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Ok, i misunderstood the pump rating.. 3.6 @ 3600 sounds about perfect!

Will have to get the engine running right to make full psi at full gpm, though. I can assure you that small engine carburetors are a LOT simpler than building a digger.. or buy a chinese clone for $16. Just dont throw away the original Honda unit.
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Mar 30, 2022
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When I tell people I want to build something, I always get asked "why?"
my answer has always been a confused "why not?!"

When I tell my wife I want to build something, I always get asked "why?"
my answer has always been a confused "why not?!"