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Just goes to show... Humor is relative. I can't stand most new comedians, too nasty for me; give me Bob Hope, Red Skelton, and Milton Berle.

Amen! Although not well known, Bob Nelson was about as funny as they come...loved his football skit.
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Don't need to pee off the front porch


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You know. That thing that blows really hard. :)

Joking. It's TopNewsTalk. The new website dedicated to all politic discussion since some members couldn't behave themselves and kept bringing politics outside of the former Friend Politics space, which resulted in various closed threads.

I checked it out. Might have good potential, but they need to weed the trumpers and thumpers. Quite a few of the threads take a sudden dive from intelligent conversation and discussion into the realm of ***** sucks, *****'s great, Your a poo poo head.....
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I have links to each of the forums I normally visit. The FP page has a note that FP "will be back in a moment." Clicking on the note leads to another page that says I do not have permission to access that page. There is a link to contact TBN support. That leads to the home page. Guess FP might be gone, after all? Like others, I enjoyed the memes thread and read a few of the other threads.
See the announcement in News and Feedback:

For those of you who were members of friendly politics, we have updated and finalized our decision to close the forum here and direct everybody to our new website TopNewsTalk for the discussion of news and current events, including politics.

While we had announced that we'd be moving user accounts and posts from TBN to the new site, we decided against that due to feedback received as well as the added work necessary to ensure a smooth a bug free transition (if that's even possible).

So all said and done, we're happy to welcome anybody interested in conversations about today's current events to the new site.

For convenience we've added a redirect link in place of the Friendly Politics forum. If you haven't already, please go ahead and register on the new site as that will be necessary to post there.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we've navigated the ongoing needs of this particular topic section.

Hopefully this will be the best solution moving forward and improve the quality of threads on both sites.

Aaron Z
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See the announcement in News and Feedback:

Aaron Z

I never check the News and Feedback, but finally figured out what was happening. Went over to the new site. Not sure what to think about it.