Lysanders chili mix recipe?

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Like $50 for a 3 oz pack, with shipping? Ummm, no way man. That's nutz!

We've been rolling our own since we couldn't find anything else close and that has been working out quite good. Took a couple tries to get it where we want it, but it came together.
Not $50.00. I like it better than Chugwater.


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That's odd. When I first looked it up it said about $41 and $8-9 for shipping. Your image shows $7+11. I just rechecked the link and it says $7+11 for me, too. Not sure what is going on there... Still a bit pricey on the shipping charges for a packet of seasoning but that is a bit less crazy.

We tried Chugwater previously and were not excited about it.
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I only paid $15 for the 3oz pack; there is a 1 pound tub for $44, but that's a lot of powder.