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May 29, 2017
Preston ms
Massey ferguson
I have a 1999 New Holland TC29 that the lift on 3 point hitch is to fast on the down side. I looked for an adjustment but can’t find one.
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I think there is drop rate control knob just below the seat. Close to slow drop speed open to increase.
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Yes there is indeed a flow control knob just below your seat:

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The rate of drop only regulate the return fluid back to lift spool and then to diffy housing. The supply flow actually enters the lift cylinder area from a different passage way. the hole in the middle is for return and the hole on the left is for supplying fluid to lift the 3 point. This pic is on 1700 but concept is the same. The very hole on the left is shock relief oil return.

Edit:Just turn the knob clockwise to pinch the valve down and it would come down slowly. If you do it all the way then you cannot lower the 3 point.


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