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Sep 8, 2020
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Hello trying to fix the seized levelling box for the 3pt today, got the top cover off and scooped out all the rust and ancient grease, applied heat and oil and got the handle gear freed up but the shaft is still stuck.

Question, is the shaft supposed to turn at the top where it meets the gear housing? Or is that a tube and it turns just above the threads? Had a close look but I can't tell.

No way to get leverage on the gear teeth, is the shaft solid? Maybe I'll try grinding some small flats on the shaft so I can get a grip and break it free.



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That is made very similar or maybe even is the same to what is on my old Ford. Yes the shaft is suppose to turn in the housing, why not remove the handle and then push/drive the shaft out of the housing so you can clean everything up.
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Thanks I'll go that route. It looks like there's a bearing under that bevel gear, it must be seized up real good.
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Yes there should be a thrust bearing under the gear.
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Got the handle pin out with a die grinder and air hammer (sure wasn't a roll pin like in the diagrams) and more heat got the shaft out. Thrust washer was packed with rust so cleaned it up and new grease and it works great, didn't even have to buy any parts. Lots of grading to do, this is going to help a lot thanks.


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You really want to make grading better then get a second leveling box to put on the other side. The added adjustment comes in so handy especially if you are pulling the ditches.