L2650 - Why so many oil filler/drain holes?

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Jun 10, 2005
Deville, LA
2013 Kubota L3200DT
I just changed the hydraulic fluid on my L2650. I refilled it through the filler hole in front of the seat. I brought the level up to the middle of the sight-glass by the clutch pedal, halfway between the H and L symbols.

What is the difference with filling it up at the hole in front of the seat versus the filler hole over the PTO at the top of the 3-point hitch? Since there is no dipstick here, I can't really see any fluid just looking in the hole.

Since I did the fluid change, the lower-link control lever to the right of the seat is really, really tough to move forward or back. Since there are no grease points on this lever, I am wondering if fluid needs to still be added in back.

I'm under the impression that even though there is more than one drain plug underneath, that it is still the same sump in the bottom, and the only place to monitor fluid level is through the sight glass as there are no dipsticks. Am I wrong?

Finally, that PTO handle under the seat -- I've never adjusted it in 12 years. What is that used for again?