Kubota bogging and stalling

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Apr 12, 2011
Had the L3700SU out today for several hours. Very intermittently, it would bog down, sputter and almost stall. It did this a few times in 7 hours. Fuel filter is new ( maybe 10-15 hrs old ) I'm 99% sure all the safety switches are good as I just replaced the hydro pedal one a few months back... almost felt like it was starving for fuel... any ideas ?
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I would check to make sure all connections are tight.

Sounds like air is getting into the fuel.
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I had something similar happen with my B7500. It turned out to be a very small split in the hose between the lift pump and the injector pump.
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My l3800 did the same thing. The little air bleed valve for bleeding the fuel system was open a little (like a half a turn). Problem went away right after closing
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U could pull the line from the tank to the filter & watch the flow.. it should be gushing out.. IF NOT, u gotta clog.
U can check for a split line by pressurizing the fuel tank A LITTLE & looking for wet spots.
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I'm heading out of town and away from the tractor this week,but I'm going to check those lines when I return. I also think I'm going to add some of the diesel additive to the tank. Just in case there is any water in the fuel.
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Just to update this thread. I had some time to work on the tractor this week, and stopped into my local dealer to tell them what it was doing. The mechanic suggested changing the entire plastic housing that holds the fuel filter itself. He said he has seen the little ball check in them fail in the past, and the part itself is cheap enough to give it a try. I also had intermittent starting issues. Just last year I replaced the neutral safety switch and apparently..it went bad again. .. both were simple repairs and total was about 1 hr of work. I used the tractor a little bit after the fixes and did not experience any stalling so hopefully it's resolved.
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Hopefully that fixed it.