Keweenaw snow photos

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I hope this year is a good one for you folks ArlyA
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Thanks guys! Calumet seen snow yesterday but i can't locate a photo of it. Just a dusting.
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Thought I should post this here. Its up in the peninsula, about 15 miles from where we reside.
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That’s like wow
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32' is really unimaginable.
1978-79 isn't that long ago, some pictures (even if it's a picture of a picture) would be fun to see if you have the time. 👍
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I grew up in the far west suburbs of Chicago. It seems like that same winter, 78-79, we had a lot of snow then.
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Well, it's always impressive until you realize that it's the total snowfall for the season, not how much was on the ground at one time. The past couple of years that I've been monitoring the snow depths on my land in the UP, the most I've seen accumulated at one time was around 40-48".

That's still impressive all things considered, especially when you get your sled stuck 3/4 of a mile back in the woods from the nearest road, it's 15 minutes to sunset, you're alone, and the temperature is -5°F and dropping...