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December 12, 2021. I couldn’t help myself on the way into work. Had to STOP. That sky made for a spectacular morning here in the U.P. Gorgeous! A once in a lifetime day. About 2 weeks away from Christmas. And why do we live here? View attachment 837735
Might make a heck of a jigsaw puzzle, too. ;)
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Interesting .....the first copper mine in North America was Cliffe Mine in Michigan......the second copper mine in North America was Bruce Mines , which is Ontario town just 20 miles east of where I live here in Canada. ......the wind is blowing strong off of Lake Superior today here, with snow squalls all expected once the Lake freezes west of Sault then our winters will calm down .
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So yesterday's drive up here it was 55 degrees in Marquette I had the car windows open, today rain and upper 40s I came up here to get my snow machines and snow removal equipment up here ready to go, instead I'm listening to the occasional house fly buzz around. 😡
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Our modest snow forecast. Higher elevations prone to lake snow will get more.
Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 07-59-03 7-Day Forecast 47.13N 88.6W.png
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So 17 Dec when leaving my cabin this morning found snow, also figured out another use for my snow measuring stick, perhaps I'll use it to measure the height of my lawn? I'm really hoping they get at least a few months of decent snow I'm assuming smaller local businesses want/need snow more than me though.


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