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Jul 21, 2012
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My 'mad toy' this year is a '99 JD 5210 2WD that's in pretty good shape o'all but runs a bit lumpy to my ear. It's my fourth 3 cyl (not counting the old crane's GMC 3-53) and doesn't seem to be running evenly on all 3. Not horrible or scary, just not as smooth as I'm used to. :confused:

Meter hours (digital) are low if it's to be believed, but I won't be happy 'til I've checked the valve lash and injectors. All I'd need is the spec for the lash if there's nothing funny to getting the cover off & at 'em, but injectors would have to be pulled and tested before I'm satisfied that I've done all I could. (anything tricky to getting them out?)

Interestingly, new injectors seem to be half the cost of those for my cars (Buick 3800s in Chevies) and I wonder if I could have the OEMs tested for <$40 per, so just replacing them could be an option and a matter of being confident that new would be in spec OOB.

I'm no stranger to engine service, rebuilding, etc, and with a good service manual (OEM, I&T, etc) I'd tackle anything, but I'd like to check this stuff while shopping for one that doesn't cost more that a some 3PT attachments. Do I need much help or advice thus far, or is my usual over-caution making this look more complicated than it really is? (expect me to test compression before & after lashing if adjustment is needed ...)

Thanks in advance for all comments! tog
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Here are some URLs. Check out selectmanuals.com for tech manuals $35.00. I have included a link to the engine manual. Would check to see how much free play adjustment is left on the clutch. Post a picture of the instrument cluster and I can tell you if it looks like the original.

Operators manual

Leaking Fuel Cap : Solve a leaky fuel cap on some older 5000 series tractors
Loose Muffler on Some 5000 Tractors : Quick fix for loose mufflers or exhaust leaks on certain 5000 series tractors.
Instrument Panel Fogs Up : Fog forms inside instrument panel on some 5000 series tractors, making it hard to read gauges
Tire Tips for 5000 Tractors : Answers to common questions regarding 5000 series tractor tires
Clutch Slip on 5000 Series Tractors : Learn the importance of checking and maintaining proper clutch alignment
Transmission Creep : Tractor ?creeps? forward with gear lever in neutral
Bucket Cylinders do not Extend Equally : Bucket cylinders and loader quick attach brackets are held in alignment by the timing rod.
Mechanical Front Wheel Drive tire recommendations for best performance
Model Year of 5000 Series Tractors : What year was my 5000 series tractor built?
Bent Cylinder Rods : Follow these simple steps to prevent bending hydraulic cylinder rods
Front End Noise : Gear backlash causes noise on 5000 series tractors

This is a John Deere manual on the engine.
http://www.visaevolution.com/dati_sito/manuali/officina/motori/john deere/ctm125-3029-ENG.pdf
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The Tech manual for the 3 cyl engine is CTM125. I would not get an I&T manual.
Have you checked the air filter and fuel filter?
For my JD 2030 valve lash is 0.014 Intake and 0.018 Exhaust. No idea if yours will be the same.
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Thanks, fellas! I did some googling, found the same lash specs and some parts diagrams that make the job look typically simple. There's an injector service outfit with a good rep near here and I'll call Monday to see what their cost would be compared to the ~$60 per I'm seeing for new injectors. I'd rather have any of them checked out & may be looking at a detail that isn't so big, but there's a lot I want to look over while I'm waiting for a loader mount kit for the Allied 495 (not 495S, but ok per Buhler/Farm King).

btw: turns out the Powertech 2.9 is highly regarded, popular for generator use, and offered in a variety of turbo and NA versions with varying hp which leaves mine at the bottom (mild) end of its o'all adaptation. I'll do the usual checks, and among the first is to see what the coolant looks like, whether JD additive is indicated (just in case).

As for the cluster, panel face is sun-warped and the tach needle contacts it at ~1500 rpm position so I'll have plenty to tinker with as I check out the harness & get various lighting stuff going 100%. Last number is different color as in 10ths, but seems to show whole hours after about one of run time and only moving from 1787 to 1788. :)confused3:, but <2k hrs still sounds good) Haven't stumbled onto issues or even mention of the semi-digital dash. It does the 'bzzt-click' thing that some cars do, with gauges pegging and lights flashing briefly before settling.

'Likes' about this tractor already: size/maneuverability with this 'short' Deere's wheelbase (despite jumbo FEL to be fitted), great starting (warm weather-only use planned), ergonomics, a loader stick to use SCAs 1 & 2 w/float & regen for lift & curl (& in addition to what came with the FEL), 11 gpm/2800 psi OC hydraulics (independent of power steering), and nary a weep or drip apparent in ~1hr run time. SSQA pin-on adapter coming for the Allied, and the 84" bucket will be the least one used considering how awkwardly forward the loader/bucket will sit/balance.
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Have you looked at JDparts.com, on the left is a parts catalog with some good pictures. If your cluster looks like the one in the YouTube, it is not the original. Here is a wiring diagram. The engine link I earlier provided is the ctm125 manual. A lot of JD tractors use that engine JD 5X00, 5210, 5310, 5220, 5320, 5203 and 5303. Also current models 5045, 5055 and 5065, these are the E/D.

Keep use posted how things go. Engine part # RE503242 thermistor sensor is the only problem I have read on this site.

new tractor john deere 5410 - YouTube


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Thanks again! The schematics are great, and something I hadn't found elsewhere yet. I did find a parts manual for generator versions, and much is the same regarding internal parts/#s. Didn't see a thermistor anywhere else so must assume its the coolant temp sender.

Don't know what to think about that cluster, my '99's being the same as is on the Youtuber's '98. O'all wear & tear suggests more than the 170-some hrs, and I suspected it might not be orig for that reason. btw, his seems to 'knock' uniformly on all three, where mine sounds a bit uneven by comparison. Otherwise everything does seem somewhat tight or fresh. Levers, linkages, etc don't leak or show much play. Clutch adjustment is to spec as it sits.

The tach doesn't seem to read right (a feeling/sound not yet quantified) and I wonder if the hour meter is a rev counting type vs a timer. They both seem linked to the engine speed sensor and I'll have some calibrating to do with a separate digital tach, maybe find if one isn't right and is then throwing others off. While I'm at it, I'd like to crack the case and see if I can reattach the cluster's face & get it flat again. It can't be too tough, as there is a replacement fog-resistant window offered by Deere with part#. Appreciate the help/interest. :)
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Here is the link to JD parts catalog.
John Deere - Parts Catalog

If your cluster matches the one in the youtube, that one is a sealed unit. If you get a replacement, make sure it is programmed for 3 cyl.

Part number RE503242 is part of the cold start advance is connectted to the fuel solenoid. The hour meter comes off the alternator/regulator, this is from the tech. manual TM1716.

I highly suggest you put JD fuel conditioner in it. After a couple tanks of fuel my tractor starts with just a flick of the key and stopped black smoke at startup. If you replace the fuel filter, I fill the filter before putting on and I have never had to bleed it.


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First post said 2WD
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Yeah, something I've heard is that the series' 2WD spindles are a weakness for heavy loader use, and it'll be interesting to see if using my o'size Allied might cost me one someday. Replacing a LF on the JD 1520 (an old crack finished itself while toting a big rock) was <$200 with new bushings and thrust bearing. Spindle for the 5210 is several hun (4-5?) by itself.

Installing the non-JD loader awaits a mounting kit and may become a story by itself, tho' no plans yet to work the big 84" Allied bucket (3/4-1 yd?). Pin-on SSQA adapter is also on b/o to use buckets interchangeably with my little NH. Doubt that tires are loaded so mucho ballast will be needed, and I'm thinking just a water barrel that'd let me transport some on either tractor when not working the FELs. IMO it wouldn't be too much. Long term plan is to get a small tree spade (30-36", either 3PH or SSQA) for one end of the Deere.

MY cluster may be the earliest, with 3 idiot lights/side vs 4 on ea. Guess I'll dive into that sooner than later cuz oil pressure, temp, & tach are what my eye stays on when operating. Not good for much if a needle hangs up & won't move past 1500 rpm.

JD5210, thanks so much for additional info! The wiring & hydro circuit stuff is priceless. btw: I may re-route SCV lines/adapters from the rear bracket closer to the loader's QD hydro hookups. Don't see RR use ahead, but adding remotes to both loaders for the small grapple or ?? else up front. The NH is my go-to & the JD is intended for occasional heavy lifting (<2k lb shop machine moving, tree yanking with Brush grubber ...) & hopefully will sport a small tree spade soon.

I admit I longed for something to tinker with since everything else runs so well (cars, truck, bike, ZTR, T5C) and I miss getting my hands dirty once in a while. :rolleyes:
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I have PDF's of both the Tractor tech manual and the CTM125 that you're welcome to, shoot me your email if wanted