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May 12, 2014
Paarl South Africa
I have a JD 3130 with a IPTO . The PTO shaft do not stop fully . The PTO brake and clutchpressure is 10 Bar. I have splitted the tractor and replaced the PTO brakeparts witch was badly worn .
My problem is ......PTO brake still do not stop the PTO shaft completely .
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It's possible that the pto clutches are warped.
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Before I closed the tractor I did feel the plates by putting the shaft in the PTO clutchpack and turned it by hand ....feeling the normal drag of the clutchplates....after essembly I felt the outer PTO shaft and that also felt normal .Where on this model can one adjust the pressure by say 2 bar upwards to a max of 12 bar ?
If I grab it by hand it stops !
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Slow rotation wil happen when its equiped with a midshift coupler(DUALSTAGE CLUTCH) , but this model do not have it. Thats y its equiped with a PTO brake(to stop the shaft from rotating) Please help ?
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Where is Paarl located? Maybe we are losing something in the translation ??
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Paarl is about 200km (125miles)west north west from the most southern tip of Africa . But this wil not solve my problem !
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I tried to fine PTO brake parts for the JD 3130 on the jdparts.com site, but none were listed. Unlike the PTO brake parts that are listed for my JD 4300.