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Nov 24, 2012
Near Johannesburg MI but in the middle of nowhere
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I have been looking at a home made scarifier using snowmobile carbide tips or self tapping screws . I do not have a huge area to address...maybe an acre total. Using the full 72" FEL width may not get enough pressure on the studs. Considering using 1/4x20 self tapping screws about 2-3" apart on a length of 48" angle iron. The angle iron would be mounted to a SSQA plate and screws would go through the angle iron with the tips protruding onto the ice.

I get ice two to three times a year. Even if I had to replace the screws every time, it would take less than 5 minutes, cost less than $10, and still be viable for my needs.

Has anyone done something like this or have a better idea?
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If you’re just trying to crack the ice to give it a head start on melting (versus scrapping up all the ice), usually driving iver it eith chsins on your tires will be enough to crack it or grind it down
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That would be a lot of broke off screws for the tires to pickup.
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I get a lot of icing here. I use my box blade with the scarifiers fully extended. I am satisfied with the results.
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Scarifiers on your box blade work. Also check out the Rachet Rake in the TBN store. Ratchet Rake
I'll bet it would do a number on ice. I've been thinking about buying one and welding on some tabs so that I can bolt it directly to the bucket.
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I don't think screws would work that great but I know of a number of municipalities that use these both on ice and for grading gravel roads in the summer. Just remember that granite stone and gravel don't work well with these.

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I used 4x4x3/8 angle 48 in long , Drilled 1/2 in holes every 3 in welded 3 in long by 1/2 rebar pins in angle and mounted on 3pth. I have a square frame for my 3pth. a trailer hitch tube socket .4 in pockets to slide my forks in or a straight back blade short pieces of grader blade for weight used on my b2100 when needed. I also use a frt snowblower I made this 2 winters ago works ok for what I do no pavement. probably last the rest of my life Ken
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Never considered the screws would break off. If I only have them protrude 1/2”, they should be relatively stiff and resistant to breaking.

I am not trying to remove ice, just scratch it up to make it safer to walk and drive on. I will give it a try and report back.
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I had a large diameter, 3ph four disk, offfset disk for this purpose. Maybe 30" disks. It scratched up ice nicely. Unfortunately, a cotter pin fell out causing the axle to come off one end and bust the bearing casting on the other side, so I junked it. Disks are quite amazing in their agressiveness.