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May 22, 2017
Spokane, WA
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Got an alert from my video surveillance system at my Spokane, WA area shop-had the following still photo attached


Think I’ll be watching a bit more carefully when I’m out and about
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WoW!! An entire herd of them. I live out SW of Cheney and they are quite successfully hunted around here.

Now THAT would be a real rude awakening some dark night.
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Thought you might comment oosik-I’m out near Mead.

It appears to be a mother and her two young’uns. The video is a bit amusing as the smaller ones near the front door are whackin each other upside the head and mom turns and gives’em a dirty look-kids....

Thinking about getting a cougar tag this year and doing some wounded rabbit calls. Tanned pelt would look pretty nice in the shop
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Short story. About 25 years ago - early evening. Commotion on the entry way deck. Open the door - in walk two large coon-hound type dogs. Before anything could be said - they are over by the wood stove - sound asleep. So I gingerly pet one - twist his heavy leather collar - a brass plate with owner's name & phone #. I call - he lives up near Newport but isn't home right now. He'd down west of Cheney hunting "cats". He calls as soon as he got home. Very happy to find that his two dogs are OK. They were chasing a cougar and got lost.

So later that evening the owner is at the door. Very happy reunion. He tells me about where they were hunting. I chuckle. Ha, ha - hunting Cougars in this area. He says - "come out and look in the bed of my pickup". There is one gigantic dead cougar - stretched out in the bed of his pickup. They hunt an area just five miles west of me.

That was a long time ago but I'm still very wary when going outside at night. I wouldn't want/need to meet a little family like in your picture.

A tanned/mounted pelt would be a nice center piece on the living room floor. Good way to start a conversation with guests.
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WOW!!! I've only seen one in my life and that was near Yosemite. A buddy and I had backpacked into an area to see if it would be good for deer hunting and while watching a bunch of does feeding on the side of a ridge, they all of a sudden disappeared. We both noticed it and found it odd that we couldn't see a single deer anymore. I think there where 7 or 8 of them out in the open before the vanished. Then out of nowhere, a mountain lion appeared from the left and walked across the ridge where all the deer had been. We watched him for a minute or so before it went into the trees. This was late in the day, but still plenty of light out. What amazed me the most was how it seemed to float across the rocks. Very fluid in its movement. Once it was out of sight, the deer just started showing up again. There was a very weird feeling to all of it.
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Nice :) :thumbsup: always wanted to see one in the wild.
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Great pic..
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You fellas have a real motivation for carrying a side-arm. ;) Speer Gold Dots or Hornady Critical Defense hands-down, based on our media testing. :2cents:

I buy most tags that aren't drawn for, even years when certain I won't hunt, fish, or trap. Get the tag, Boss, you don't have to fill it. :cool:

We have hoops to jump through here if we catch a bobcat when setting/snaring for 'coon & coyote. Having a tag on your catch can expedite getting checked in w/DNR if/as required, and the feline fur tanned before ill befalls it. S__ will come out of the woodwork to mess it up quicker than you might imagine. (DAMHIK)