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Aug 12, 2018
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Kind of like the movie Grey Lady Down, but a lot less serious.

Wind did a number on my corn. Some of it was almost flat a couple of days ago, but seems to be trying to come back up a bit. Taller stuff at the left of the second picture is starting to tassel out. Should I even try to do anything about the downed rows? Gardening websites seem kind of mixed on advice.

CornDown1.jpg CornDown2.jpg

This is a very small plot in one area. I did a couple of different areas just to see if it would grow at all and whether I wanted to try more next year.
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Ive found it tends to come back up
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Might've been planted too close together. Stalks look pretty spindly. :confused3:
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Trenched with a subsoiler, dropped in by hand, covered by hoe, so likely too dense and shallow as compared to a machine planter, but I couldn't afford one of those this year. Hopefully next year.
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If the root ball not showing and some good growing weather you should be fine.
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I hadn't looked at if for a day or so, but this morning I noticed that about 80% of it was back upright again. Not sure I'll be able to say that by tomorrow morning.
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I deal with this every year in July. Stalks looking beautiful standing tall and then we get squaw storms that travel strait north to south and blow it to the ground in a matter of seconds. I just leave it go any more and take what I can get. They do straiten up somewhat but hard to get in to weed or powder for earworms. Also depending on what stage the corn is in it effects pollination. Cant do that with them layin on the ground.
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In that last few days of quiet without storms (finally), most of it has stood back up, but some stalks are noticeably shorter than others. Much of it is now tasseled out and cobs with silks are beginning to appear.