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Jul 29, 2013
Sacramento, California
Kubota B21
There are many commercial grapples available. I decided to make one partly because I like to make stuff, partly because I had the material laying around, and partly because I can make it exactly suited to the work I have in mind.

Photo 1: The main frame. The bottom rail is 3x3x1/4 tube. The top rail and sides are 2x4x1/4 tube. The side plates are flat bar 5x1/4. This makes a very stiff assembly. It is 52" wide. That includes 45" for the SSQA plus 3 1/2" on either side for the cylinders and hinges. I wanted it narrow for maneuverability.

Photo 2: Rather than make the SSQA adapter from scratch I used an adapter plate I got off ebay (rebar-monkey). It is nicely made.

Photo 3,4: I cut out the middle for visibility and used heavy expanded metal to keep sticks from poking back.

Photo 5,6,7,8: Making the top lid hinge tabs. The pivot point is behind the top rail to get a wide opening.

Photo 9: Test fit of hinge tabs. I want a full length top lid for raking.

Photo 10: Showing bottom tine mock-up. The angle is 15 degrees to provide good rollback at ground level. The tines are short (14") for maneuverability and leverage. They will have wedge/triangle gussets joining them together at the front.

Next week I should be able to get the bottom tines and top lid made up.


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Looks like a good start. Nice work. It also looks like you used a Haala quick attach plate. I used one of those plates on a converted pin on pallet fork last year. Well made and locks up tight on my Kubota FEL.
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Pat, you're earning my respect with every pic! That's a very interesting vertical bandsaw you have there. You make that?
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Yes I made it. Couldn't justify the cost of a commercial bandsaw. And I had the handheld Dewalt laying around unused 95% of the time. As it turns out the homemade table is versatile and accurate, so I use it a lot. I did a write up, I think the title was just bandsaw table.
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Lookin good Pat.

I built a tree spade few years ago. Left an opening in the plate like you have. Used it twice and then filled the hole. Allowed stuff to poke thru.
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Good thing I saved the cut out piece might have to weld it back in!
I used #9 expanded metal as a backing on the one I built ... and found out real quick that without support bars behind it, it tended to get bent up pretty quick.
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