Good morning!!!!

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Good morning, the low is 44 and going to a high of 52°F. Wind S 14 mph.
Becoming cloudy in the morning then periods of rain. Risk of a thunderstorm late in the afternoon. Wind southwest 20 mph gusting to 30. High 52°F.

Not totally sure what I will get into today. Maybe a dump run if the neighbour has the trailer full. I have a half a load to go into the trailer, but I want to put in on top, that way it will be easier to get off. The tailgate on the trailer doesn't open.

Ron, how do you know that is a female frog? Not trying to be a smartarse here.

Have a safe day all
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26F clear sky low 50's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
Plans for today...8 hours at part store afterwards :unsure:

Enjoy your day all.
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39 outside this AM, heading to lower 70's. We have some significant changes in the weather here these last few days. Either way above average, or below average. And yes, the body feels it. Frost on the ground again this AM as it were yesterday.

Turned out to be an outside day with the weed whacker yesterday. That and doing some finances. I'd rather do the weed whacker. LOL.

Not much on the agenda today. Hopefully a quiet day for us here. Could use a month or two of quiet.

Hope all have a great day, be safe. Those ailing, hope you have turned the corner towards the better.
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good morning all
feeling better this morning, still a little weak and sweaty after hot shower but otherwise much better.

woke up to see red flash outside
poor pic through window screen but red fox came to visit

frost last night took out everything that wasn't already frozen. Oh well
at least my radishes and lettuce and cabbage are doing well

landscapers come this morning, I have errands to run and then expect to take off about 2pm this afternoon for 45 minute drive to campground.


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Nice fox Drew

Got down to 39.9 now 41 another cool day rain showers tomorrow then 80s for foreseeable future

Prayers for all our Country
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Good morning! 56˚F, S wind, partly cloudy, heading to the mid 70s.

FireWise cedar clearing and PT today.

I like signing "P" "T", the finger spelling is just bringing the wrist up with thumb between two fingers from one letter to the next. No sign class today it has concluded. We gave the instructor a coffee mug with his name finger spelled on the side. All the language instructors are volunteer residents. There are a lot of interesting and talented people that have retired to our neighborhood. The neighbor across the street is looking for an agent to produce her movie she wrote. She was a writer for the TV show "Bewitched."

My potatoes are not blooming but look mighty healthy with lots of green leaves. I checked the internet to see what the problem was and apparently there are some varietys that do not bloom. Strange because I got the red seed potatoes from Giddings - Carmine feed store, where I always get them and they have always bloomed before. The only thing different I did was added was coffee grinds in each potato hole. Hmmm.

Won only 2 of 5 games of Hand and Foot last night.

Hope everyone has a safe day, I'll be on the look-out for rattlesnakes during FireWise.
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They have on the listing there is a 4% buyers premium.
I have only heard of "buyers premium" used in Auctions, never on a real estate listing, unless it's auctioned. Maybe they just copied from an auction sale and forgot to take it off. Definitely requires an inquiry.