Good morning!!!!

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28F clear sky might reach 50F.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
Plans for today... 3 outside projects have to wait until it warms up bit,other than that putter.

Enjoy your day all.
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37 outside right now. Heading to lower sixties.

Bad day yesterday for a neighbor. I am sort of overwhelemed at the moment and yesterday proved just how crazy things are are around here. I was working on recovering some barn wood off an old outbuilding when I heard someone yelling. I thought
that to be odd, so I looked around in that general direction, saw nothing. Neighbors in that direction are about 1/2 mile away. The yelling stopped, then started again, this time accompanied by another voice. OK, now I figure it's a bad argument.
Unfortunate there are multiple party issues over that direction, but hey...something is not right. Then I see all the horses on the fence line. All the horse are pointed, looking at the back pasture. Then coming around the barn, I see it. Massive blaze.
I text my wife, call 911, my phone starts ringing...multiple neighbors calling. I bolt inside, grab the truck keys and down to blaze direction I go. I hear the fire crews already on the way as I go down the driveway, and another county fire truck wizzes by me as I leave. I get there and make sure everyone is accounted for. I spend some time with the one neighbor who is directly beside the burned out detached garage. Thank goodness it was not a house. But the house sustained major damage too on the back end.
I stayed for about an hour just easing the one neighbors anxiety. The one with the fire was being questioned the whole time by the authorities. Turns out he had a crack in his chimney and he was not in the building when he noticed smoke coming out the garage side.
When he investigated, opening the door, it flashed.

Upon returning home, I resumed my recovery work, gave the horses something else to think about and briefed the wife. Then I set about
making a dump run, getting gas, trying not to think about crap. I even hopped on the ZTR and finished the yards and pasture fence lines.

My wife and her sisters engaged in hundreds of texts identifying items at my FIL's for clean out and auction. Looks like I will have to spend sometime down there going through his junker equipment and vehicle collections. Wife wants to relocate the stuff here and sell it.
I kind of backed off that idea as probably 3/4's of it does not run and I would have to make at least 15 trips for the equipment alone.
Since my Dad's estate is in limbo again, looks like that time will be spent at the FIL's.

In the early evening the one beer went down really smooth as we watched the sun break out and just enjoyed each others company.

I hope all have a good start to the work week, be safe, those ailing, hope you feel better.
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Good Morning,
Ct , 30 to start going to 56 ! Bright sunny skies now, hopefully it stays like that ! Last day of wrapping things up here before leaving tomorrow morning for Florida! Want to get the grass cut and a few other small projects!

Drew, best of luck at the doctors office today ! Hopefully a quick recovery !

Ron, beautiful shot of that flowering tree ! Our similar trees are beautiful here also !

Hoping to get a nice long walk in this morning, but right now quite chilly !

Hope all have a great day !🙏
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Morning all, 38 going to 63 and do see the sun coming up.
Did make it to shadfest, was ok. Got there early so mostly locals wandering around.
The local restaurants try to incorporate some Shad into their dishes each year during shadfest. and then it comes back off the menu. Comparing catfish to shad, apples to oranges. I like fish, only 2 I won't eat are Shad and Bluefish.

Got some food shopping done.

So went into garage to get something and ceiling was wet/damaged.
Seems our 5 year old Kenmore dishwasher drum is leaking, a lot.
So very unhappy, hate that thing.
Time to buy a new one, last dishwasher lasted 20 years.
And some ceiling repairs :-(

Fedex did not bother to show up yesterday and gave me the dreaded "we tried to deliver to you" message. One package was supposed to be here Thursday.

Rip - good of you to run over and the fire got under control.

Back to the day job,

Be well,

Watched these guys pull in a shad on the walk over the bridge from PA to NJ



Not sure why they blocked off the parking again this year, already hard to find parking.
We parked in a different state :)
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Good Morning
41° with a brilliant sun in a clear sky today. High of 60 on tap.

Yesterday was another busy, but unscripted day. Did a little cleanup, developed a plan to make more space for alpaca wares, put in a little bit of time with Fusion before heading outside.

It was a grey, but dry day, cold enough to use the heat in the tractor. Started off by dropping the loader off the tractor, and hitching up the Progressive (which is working great since the winter’s rework). Got all the open areas mowed, my helper did walk off the job after a while though.


However after a bit of lunch and play time with Nani, he was back.


He stuck with it until the mower was blown free of clippings and parked, the tractor refueled and put away.

Next chore was to get the carryall and chainsaw to clean up some more downed trees and dropped limbs.

I made the brackets for the walk in freezer’ new condensing unit, I rethought using stainless angle and used perforated galvanized instead.


Cleaned up and decided it was supper time.

Today will start with a Costco run, need to stock up for Thursday’s alpaca shearing. I’m going to smoke some pork shoulders to feed the troops. After that, I want to scope out the ground around the overflowing manure bin to see if it’s dry enough to load the dump trailer and get rid of the mountain. A neighboring farm loves it and spreads it over their pumpkin fields. Apparently it’s perceived as gold by gardeners.

Depending how that goes, I might try to execute the plan to make more room for alpaca wares in the shop. This is the first phase of the construction of the old folks home. Plans are all stamped, contractors are lined up, it’s time to get the building permit. Looks like it will be a 4 or 5 month project.
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Good morning, 41 going to 51 nice sunny day

Planted 10 more larger bushes. Turned in to a bigger project than I had anticipated. The sloped area was still wet and the shoulder was not happy. Went up and got the excavator that made tracks and a mess but got it done. Time to hire out next time

D8 went to the ER with a swollen knee and pain. Got the knee drained and a brace. Had to cancel trip to Austria this weekend. Need followup with specialist dr

D9 called from the bus returning from Theater show in NY with GD's group HS drama class of kids. Hard to hear from the kids in the background but sounds like they had a good time.

The new dishwasher warranty claim turned out the Wifi module was not installed. Nowhere to be found inside the door. Maybe a new dishwasher ? In the meantime it works fine. The best dishwasher we have had. The Miele is a step up but it was over twice the money
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Got paperwork from agent putting together my offer for the WV land. First thing she included is a 4 month exclusive buyers agent agreement, that she gets 4% for any property I buy in that period. No, not signing that.
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Got paperwork from agent putting together my offer for the WV land. First thing she included is a 4 month exclusive buyers agent agreement, that she gets 4% for any property I buy in that period. No, not signing that.
Lawyers are less expensive than realtors, they only charge $300 an hour.
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Got paperwork from agent putting together my offer for the WV land. First thing she included is a 4 month exclusive buyers agent agreement, that she gets 4% for any property I buy in that period. No, not signing that.
don't sign.
the days of fat fees are over, negotiate, it's all your money....
what's almost humorous is she is asking for more than the normal 3% for her share if someone else brings the buyer.

quick visit with doc, he said next time I'm sick don't come in, telehealth call. Ok. He's not a family doc and doesn't deal with normally sick folks
so I understand. He did tell me to triple my hydrocortisone since since I'm adrenally insufficient due to cancer and any stress on body means I need more cortisol.

time for another nap, then hopefully this afternoon will feel well enough to mow the lawn with the rider.

pretty sure veggies got frozen last night, oh well, will buy plants next week.
next planting veggies until May, except for radishes and lettuce.
(I might need a reminder on that... :rolleyes:)