Good morning!!!!

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good morning
nights are getting colder, more wind lately. at 10 AM it is currently 0 Celsius (32 F, so at freezing) - brought the dog in
curious how many of you have aquariums in the house ... I think that I will get a 30 gal tank, when things are settled here ... I've had aquariums for most of my life (but wife didn't like them, so nothing lately) Perhaps maybe even a pond in the yard one day. They have kind of a calming effect. it certainly worked for all of my criminal clients when they were reporting to me for supervision orders.
coffee now, then back to my home office for awhile
Have a great day everyone
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Going to the Dr again for wife's monthly injection. 14000 dollars thank you Medicare
did I read that right ? $14K monthly ? yikes. All the best.
I thought my Botox shots (for pain, not vain :) ) were bad at $1800 every 6 months - I am getting more Botox tomorrow ... it's brutal, but it works for a time.
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how many of you have aquariums in the house .
Careful - they can become an addiction.
My Grandmother started me out with a 5 gallon tank for guppies about 7th grade.
I ended up working in a small pet shop, had too many small (< 20 gal) tanks to count. Several 50's, lots of 29's and 20's. All freshwater in a basement in Vermont.
Bred Cichlids, Discus, Tetras, etc.
It was fun and kept me off the streets.
Then college and Army came along.
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Yes you read it right. It has been covered between medicare and Blue cross so far. She was on Humera it was 4000 dollars a month that was not covered very well by insurance but shifting to this injection that has to be administered at the Dr office makes it covered under medicare. Strange how that works because if Medicare would cover Humera it would be a 10000 dollar saving to tax payers.
My wife was on medication that was over $12k a month. It was covered by Humana and another group. Sad that after she passed there was almost 90 days of medication left. Could not find anyone to take the medication. Ended up throwing $30k away.
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23F and mostly cloudy @ 15:45, sun trying to peek out occasionally. Calling for a high of 26F for the day. No snow to speak of down here.

Got the 42" section of 1/2" black pipe doped up and screwed into the 8' 9" vertical section forming the reverse "L" last evening.

Then secured the vertical section to the wall with conduit clamps and marked the spot on the wall where the hole needed to be drilled into the basement.

Managed to drill that without hitting any wires or plumbing.

Then after I got that drilled I secured the horizontal leg as well with conduit clamps.

Now I need to take some measurements for piping in the basement to get the gas line routed down below the floor joists that I will hang it from.

Two coats of Danish oil applied onto the plywood piece for the electrical panel last night. Hopefully mostly dry by now. Should be able to get that and the electrical panel put up today if so.

Then more clean up in the garage.

But before any of that I have to go refill hopper and tube feeders for our little feathered friends ... ;)

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday ... (y)
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Good (Wednesday) morning. Overnight Low of 11.6C and it's presently 15.5C, overcast with steady, increasing wind. There was 1.4mm in the gauge @ 0900.

'Tractor fun' yesterday was reduced as half of the job (plus travel time) was not required. I did receive a bottle of Pinot Noir for my efforts from the Mad Agisting Horse Woman.

Today is 'into town' day for mail/groceries. Penelope the Pussybeast is becoming resigned to the fact that the "new, improved recipe" wet food is palatable... and is what she's getting now. :rolleyes:

That's about it, take care all.