Good morning!!!!

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Morning all, 37 going up to 49 and cloudy. Got lots of rain last night.
Back to day job...

We have mice in the garage below the apartment. Need to deal with that.

Kids didn't do too much damage on sleepover. But cleanup took some time.
And of course they were running around late Saturday night with flashlights, not even going to ask...

Be well
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Morning all;
A dreary morning outside, got about 1/2" of snow last night that is melting off as we speak, a balmy 34F outside. Got my coal burning insert going good yesterday and the mini-splits turned down. A toasty 73-74F in the main part of the house from the coal. About time to shake it down and top off the hopper for the next 24 hour run.

Drew I enjoy your posts keep them coming.

Well I just looked over my shoulder at the frying pan sitting on the stove top, suppose I should get up and do something productive. Fried up a pound of breakfast sausage this morning (made 8 patties to fit English muffins) for my breakfast the rest of the week. I make a sausage egg cheese sandwich in the mornings for me, my wife sometimes will have just an egg and cheese sandwich or just a muffin.

Supposed to get to the mid 40's today we will see.
Lots of outside work that needs to be done before winter sets in.
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Good evening !

You guys are being productive 😁

From the beginning - winter is coming <C> no more, winter is here already ! yesterday it was as low as -11 C (12 F) It snowed a lot during the holidays. Even 20 - 30 cm. Beautiful fresh snow. There was no wind. Wonderful views in forests. Beautiful. I mean, God gives us such beautiful landscapes as compensation for living in a miserable climate

Yesterday for me was like energy saving day <tm> but opposite 😁

In the morning, I took the service VAN, attached the trailer, but then I realized that the windows were frozen so that they could not be opened. Managed them, drove 200 km. Lot of snow and winter service had done something only on the main roads. Last 50 km were on a completely white road or a white road with some black tracks.Believe me, it's not the best road to drive a VAN and trailer on tail.
Since at my place weather was good, - 8, no wind, and not THAT much snow I still made a ran into the forest. pulled out only 3, but big, thick fir trees.

Meanwhile wife had a heated argument with her mother. After the death of her husband, she lives alone, in a forest house, where the nearest person is like 5 km away. Well, not completely alone, there are dogs and chickens. 😁 But easily can be a week where she doesnt met a living soul. It's a bit degrading though. Mother-in-law is 73 years old and not in the best of health. Still refuses to evacuate.

Loaded and chained tractor onto the trailer and successfully made it home along those white roads. Was few episodes, but frankly I thought it will be worse

Washed off the brown road salt in the new office. I put on a snow plow. Really like that plow
Plowed yard for myself and my neighbor. That guy was super happy this morning. He had to unload 2 trucks with his stuff, like 30 pallets. His little forklift is struggling a lot in snow. But not today :cool:

Went to bed at 00:00
Sunday is for rest, my a$$ :ROFLMAO:

Today I have a runny nose and headache. Classic :mad:
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now 42
was sunny, now cloudy.
Oldest son leaves today. He's having girlfriend issues, again.....
Got one cyber monday deal ordered.
pulled a tick off of snagglepuss. was on her face at her whiskers. wrapped her in a towel to hold her, and wife got it with tweezers. Then I dropped it in the pellet stove flames. She is still in the house enjoying some heat.
Tiger is laying on the pellet stove, Pebbles sleeping in my office chair.
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66°F and .24 inches rain.

Easy day yesterday. Could get used to that

Need to get in touch with tech support for my solar system. No word yet on receiving the replacement part. And so have an issue, can’t get online with my secondary system. Seems to get the proper info but not complete the connection. I’ve done all the suggested tricks on my end.

In town Happy Hour this afternoon.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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Drew, I'm happy for you venturing out for these last weeks and sharing photos. I wish your weather hadn't been so rough. Just think back to when you were in dire straights health wise, and look what the good Lord has helped you back to a good situation. Prayers.

Thank you. I have worked very hard to prove to myself and my family "I'm back"
and with no mental deficits. Or as I prefer, having all my marbles.
And thankfully I do. I went through an unusual hormonal imbalance due to the adrenal cancer and the three weeks of dementia, very happy dementia I might add, basically defined my life thereafter. I have had to prove I really am back to myself. And of course as we get older we get less capable and at this point I just say onward. Most of us have been through some bad stuff at one point or another.

if my health is measured by my verbosity, I'm doing just fine. :)

I admit I worry these trip diaries clog up this thread and maybe I should move it somewhere else. We all know what it's like to log on and see five pages of unread posts.

No, leave them here enjoy reading them and contributes to the thread variety.
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I admit I worry these trip diaries clog up this thread and maybe I should move it somewhere else. We all know what it's like to log on and see five pages of unread posts.
As far as I'm concerned don't worry about clogging up the thread. You know we like the pictures.