Fluids for T474HC?

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Jul 18, 2023
Crawfordville, FL
I added a hydraulic top link the other day, and was thinking perhaps I should check the hydraulic fluid level, since some of it filled up the hoses and the cylinder for the top link. I assume there are as many different varieties of hydraulic fluid as there are boxes of Cheerios at the grocery store, so I thumbed through the Operator's Manual looking for a chart of recommended hydraulic fluid brands and types. Nothing. Not even some hints. So that got me thinking about the other fluids. What about engine oil type? There is a chart in the manual showing temperature ranges for weights of engine oil to use, but not anything more than that. Lubricant for the axles and anything else? Guess I am supposed to just make wild guesses at that. And then there is coolant. If coolants for tractors are anything like what is used in regular vehicles, mixing the wrong types of coolants together can get you into one hell of a mess. Like having thick jello in the radiator and all thoughout the engine. So what type of coolant is being used in my T474HC tractor?

Is there another manual out there that provides these sorts of important details? Or is this all shown on stickers placed strategically on the tractor itself?
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Here's a link to my post that details all of the fluids my TYM service mechanic used for the 50 hour service.
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Are the T474 48hp engine and hydraulic filters dealer only items?
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Ah, thanks for the fluid recommendations. Without me seeking out each and every lubricant, are any of them fully synthetic? Been using only synthetic lubricants in my vehicles for years, and prefer using them over "dinosaur" byproducts.
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You're in Florida, you can safely use Rotella T6 15w40 for engine. I use the 5w40 in cold Rocky Mountains with temps down to -37F ;)
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Well, got a bit of confusion here.

I recently put a hydraulic top link on the T474 and installed a tree puller attachment on the FEL. Figuring they would have used up some hydraulic fluid to fill the hoses and cylinders, I bought a gallon of hydraulic fluid thinking I would top it off. Whatever was left over I was going to put into the hydraulic tank of my car lift in the garage. But I kept pouring into the fill hole on the tractor, and not seeing anything showing up in the sight window. After putting a full gallon in the fill hole, there was STILL nothing showing in the sight window. Eh? So I ran out and bought another gallon. Put that additional gallon in, and STILL nothing showing! So how much hydraulic fluid is actually in that reservoir?

When the tractor was delivered to me, included was a RETAIL SALE PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION sheet. In the section for "Fluid Checks" there is a line item for "Transmission / Hydraulic" with a check in the space for it.

So am I just way out here in right field thinking that this meant that the fluid levels were supposed to be up to spec upon delivery or, well, not sure what else it COULD mean. Maybe just "present", like that system is there and hadn't been missed during the manufacturing process?

Whose responsibility is it to make certain I had full fluid levels when the tractor was delivered to me? Did I screw up by not checking that and just assuming that checklist meant something other than what it seems to mean?

I think I have something like 8 hours on the clock right now. Was it a real good idea that I be driving and using that tractor with low (perhaps VERY low) hydraulic fluid?