Fix'n to get a Tiller

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I rate 3 point tillers right up there with tractor backhoes., or should I say down there. Tractor backhoes are tops for uselessness on my list however.

For those who have a tiller, how do they handle roots and buried objects ?

That's not helpful, Why do not like King Kutter?
They don't handle roots well. The ground need sto be clear of obstacles. Once you are there the results are unparalleled.
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You're shopping the wrong brand, $4500 will get a you a good brand BH and it's there and ready when you need it. I use the BH probably 33-50% of the time. Like stated earlier, once you have one, you will find more applications for it than you realized.
had one and sold it so I know... Today 4500 bucks don't get much.
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I'm trying no till for the gardens this year. (not all, the wife likes her seed beds the traditional way.

I've put in onions carrots and beets right in with the winter rye cover crop, Just crushed it down (with the tiller unpowered.)

Will plant a row of mung beans tomorrow.

No results yet....

"Entangled life" by Sheldrake is a good read. The more life in the soil, the better everything grows.
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Like I said a while ago, the cost of ownership of a piece of equipment (implement) that get used rarely, does not justify the up front cost.

Besides, I usually have at least one here getting worked on (I rebuild loader buckets and dirt scoops on excavators on the side), you'd be surprised home many owners tear up ex buckets and put 'smiles' in loader buckets and with loader buckets, removing the smile usually entails cutting the side sheets and rewelding them.

A typical tractor mounted hoe will set you back at least 7 grand for something that basically collects dust and depreciates. 7 grand will buy a passel of rental hours in my view and with no financial obligation either and finally, even a small mini ex like a Doosan or a Yanmar will dig circles around any backhoe attachment, literally.

Last job I rented one for, I did 175 feet of waterline trench in about 5 hours. Put in the line and used the front blade on the mini ex to backfill the trench. Cost me 175 bucks plus diesel.

You are correct. I know of very few contractors that own dirt equipment outright. Most shore term rent or of the job is large, do a short term lease.
The really good ones, start an Equipment Rental company. If they need it, they have priority for their rentals, and when they don’t need something it gets rented out. The rental income covers the entire cost.
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Right on. Black Swamp is nationwide, just like Jeffers. If I was a principle in either and I needed a piece of equipment, I'd use it as well.
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My Mahindra backhoe is pretty easy. Others I have seen are not.

I did have a couple of Long brand. I understand. Ours has its own pump. We just back up close and use the back hoe to install itself.