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Dec 16, 2009
gilmer tx
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Well 284, I decided to go ahead with my safety chains. I used 2/0 twisted chain only because I had 15' on hand. Had to buy a small piece to complete as you can see from the shiny ones. I used 1/8" x 1-1/2" flat bar. I drilled 1/4" holes on 1" centers which gave me 55 links. The factory one has 42 links but they use a different chain. I cut my links with an angle grinder and Harbor Freights little cutting disc's. After squeezing them together on the flat bar I put a little weld back on each link. Hasn't been out for a test run yet because the paint is wet.


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Nice job, Winston!!
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It looks terrific! The color even looks like it matches pretty well! I'm eager to hear how it works at suppressing the thrown debris. I'm hoping to start mine this weekend.
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To test it properly, you need to seed your yard with various projectiles (golf balls, rocks, aerosol cans, more rocks and maybe an old tire iron) then report back. ;)

BTW, looks great!
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I mowed a yard this afternoon without any broken windows. :D I didn't seed it with all that stuff though. :laughing: Looks like it is going to work OK. If I see any evidence to the contrary as time goes by I will let you guys know.
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How do you feel about the spacing of the chains? Does it block enough debris shooting out? Does it restrict the discharge too much? Would you change anything? I was kind of planning on the 2/0 linked chain already, and it looks good. It seems...denser, I guess, and like it should work better than a more spaced out series of links.
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I wish I had put them just a little closer together. Looking as this picture of a Sitrex it would still seem possible debris could get through there. Everything Attachments | Skid Steer Attachments, Tractor Attachments, 3 Point Hitch Attachments, and Farm Tractor Implements. The factory jobber from Woods has 42 links spacing them at about 1-3/8" but they use the chain as shown on the sitrex. No problem with discharge stoppage. Haven't mowed any knee high grass though.:D I used the twisted chain only because I already had it. If I had bought it new I would have used the 1/4" link chain as shown. I now find this picture of one like mine and I can count at least 50 links. WOODS RD60 GROOMING MOWER w/CHAIN SHIELDING | eBay My woods manual doesn't show that. Oh well.:cool:
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I wish I had put them just a little closer together.

You have plenty of shielding to prevent (or at least, slow down) anything from flying out from underneath that mower.
It's a fine job!!

Remember, most RFM's don't have shielding of any sort...
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Winston, those chains look GREAT !!!

Squirt a little WD40 on them before you mow and the grass wont stick to them.

Think of the $$ you saved doing it yourself.
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great Job:thumbsup: I'm wondering though! does the cut grass clump up underneath the mower and leave lay behind? reason asking is I've seen 2 configurations of Finish mower design, and I have actually added a 3rd design:eek: the other design is the side discharge just as a ridding mower would have, with this trype of discharge of course it blows the cutting out and away, I have gotten a 60" cutting deck from a JD commercial mower and made it to work with the 3 pnt and PTO of my tractor, When using it the discharge is out to the side and blows the clippings ahead of me in a 45% angle, In spite of the advice I receive when inquiring about the conversion many months ago:cool: it was actually much easier to leave everything as it were and simply and the A-arm and connecting pins and of course the gearbox and drive-shaft was already there, Now being this thing is 60" wide cut, although adding the discharge chute adds another 10" totaling 70".

I'm thinking of cutting off the discharge chute and opening up the rear,
Question?: this mower deck looks like or at least from the top side looks like has directional pathway for the clippings to travel before discharging,
Will the clippings be blown out the rear opening or will it matter and simply just drop and lay?
Sorry! Winston if you prefer I can start my own thread, although I thought this could be relevant to your thread as well,;)