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Sep 27, 2004
upstate South Carolina
Kubota M6800 4WD
Now that I will have a universal quick attach on my Kubota M6800 FEL, what useful attachments can I use? In other words, what new toys am I not thinking about? Obviously grapples are the rage here on TBN, but what else have you guys found useful? What skid steer implements would cross over to a tractor and work with tractor hydraulics? Risking sounding really stupid, could an augur be used on the front?? Anybody have any unusual ideas. And don't talk snow, as I live in the South!
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I got a lot of use from mounting a boompole. I also made an extension for it and rigged a 1 ton, 12volt winch. Two big projects were locating some 4K gallon poly water tanks and placing roof panels on the support beams when building our house. Panels were 39" wide, 4 inch thick, 15 and 25 ft long.

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Pallet forks are a very useful addition.

Putting a PHD on the FEL is possible but depends on how you attach the hydraulics to the FEL. I have the WR Long electric over hydraulic control valve for the grapple and the WR Long site warns against using a constant demand type implement with this valve. I would speculate that if you run your lines from a rear remote you would be fine with a PHD on the front. I am sure there are plenty on here that have done it and will share their insight.

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Regarding the PHD, it has been done on a Kubota B3030 which is not a very high output hydraulic system so it clearly can be done.

Tree booms are quite useful and are certainly not limited to moving trees. I have used one to lift heavy implements in and out of the back of an SUV to avoid needing a trailer. Unlike with a set of forks, you can angle the tree boom so you can set the load deeper into the vehicle.

Forks are great but don't buy forks that are excessively heavy duty for your size loader. Even the LA1000 size loader is pretty light duty as far as forks are concerned.

I use forks and found a digging implement that attaches to the adjustable forks to be a very handy tool that saves me from needing to mount the BH frequently and actually can do some things the BH cannot. QuickSpade is the name of the device. (photo below)

I also have an adapter that allows 3PT implements to be mounted using the QA adapter. You wouldn't use if for a PTO powered implement obviously or even for a box blade but it is real handy with a rake and I'd imagine it would work just as well with a rear blade.

Each of these is very useful but none compare to the grapple!:D


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Interesting! IslandFord, you always come through with more information. The quick spade is clever, a poor man's backhoe. As I do not have a backhoe, I could probably find a use for this. For instance, we have some roads where water pools and obviously a backhoe to trench it and a dozer to re-grade or make some water bars would help. Since we have neither, coud a small trench be cut with the spade to divert the water and then graded or smoothed with the bucket or box scrape? Many places need just a little trench dug to divert the water, but more than I could do with a shovel. What types of work do you do with the quick spade? It also doesn't appear to be a costly tool.

I saw on one website a hydraulic bucket (like a backhoe bucket) that attaches to the FEL. Maybe it was on ATI's product list but I'm not sure. It obviously did not have the lateral movement that a backhoe would have, but it appeared to be able to dig a straight trench. Any knowledge of this?

And Mark, thanks for not laughing at me for my question about an augur. I was almost embarrased to even ask that! Your reply make sense. I too have ordered the Long electric/hydraulic valve. And on that subject, my dealer said that Long made two different valves of this type, one with a little more flow. I don't know the flow rates or the product numbers and it is not listed on Long's site, but in their catalog that my dealer had, they listed two choices. One was about $75 more than the other. At my dealers suggestion, we ordered the larger, in case I ever needed that capacity, but I have wondered if this was the right decision. On what criteria is the selection based? The implement to be used or the hyraulic specifications of the tractor? For instance, could a valve that is too large affect the performance of the grapple or be too large for the tractor's system? The newbie that I am, I have no clue, so I followed my dealer's advice. Unfortunately, I am not totally confident that they really understand this either, but they are the only game in town.
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I like that Quick Spade!
A useful interfacing attachment if your tractor can stand the weight is the Skid Steer Tilt Tach. It connects to the tractor SK hookup and presents another SK hookup about 4" forward of it. In between is a hydraulically driven swivel. Now you are able to tilt your implement up to 20 degrees sideways to acommodate ground contours, slopes etc. Use it on float, or not, for backdragging. It weighs over a hundred pounds and places the implement 4" further in front of the tractor. The 7520 doesnt seem to feel it, but i know its an issue in extreme circumstances.
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I like that Quick Spade!

If you already have a set of stout and adjustable forks, it is pretty much a no brainer. I recall it cost about $125 or something of that order. It is essentially just a shovel on steroids which means it is quite a different tool than FEL or BH. It is for example great for digging out a plant/shrub etc and then moving it to a prepared hole (also with the quick spade). It is lots faster to mount than a BH but also has the advantage that you are digging from in front of the plant not trying to come over the top and dig from behind. It digs more than 4ft down so is quite adequate for digging or cleaning a ditch/trench etc.
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Had to jump in on this one. One of my most useful QA tools is a thing called a U-blade. This thing is great. :D I also have forks, and this works along the lines of the quick spade only larger. It is amazing the rocks I can dig out of my fields and then carry off with this thing. I have used it to dig rocks, ditches for culverts and plants of all kinds. Both for the planting hole, and to move large shrubs for replanting. Have to say that it is much more useful than the bucket for these tasks as it does not dig as big or wide hole. Tips can get under deep rock and pry it right out. Poor mans back hoe. :p


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One of my most useful QA tools is a thing called a U-blade. This thing is great.

That does look like a very useful implement. Where did you get it? How much?