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Got my order number from Hoye, got parts cleaned up, run a tap down all head bolt holes so am sitting on go when the parts arrive. Talking about head parts here. I guess I should have started a new thread with the head. Oh well. :confused3:

Just got an email showing UPS to deliver by the end of the day tomorrow. Wooooppeeee :licking:
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Great description Winston- The setup procedure makes sense thanks to your explaination,should work fine,i have always been told that yanmars can be field set up without regard to backlash and as you stated its not easy to do without the shims and set up instruction.....anyway good luck with the top side of the project and let us know how it turns out,no doubt you will have a very reliable unit

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Can anyone translate the heading on this page? :confused3:


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Can anyone translate the heading on this page? :confused3:

I got it translated. It says Creep gear.

Success, woooopeee. We are up and running. Everything looking good. Still haven't taken it out to cut donuts or anything as it's been raining all night but about quit now. If it doesn't drive out ok I will be back. I bled the air at the two air bleeds, cranked it over with compression release for 5 seconds, release in for 5 seconds and nothing. Went back and bled both air bleeds again, spun her over with compression release for 5 seconds, pushed it in and contact. :D Took a video but not smart enough to do anything with it.

Took a little video but not smart enough to make it work on the computer. Thanks to all who have offered advice and encouragement.
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Wow! Impressive work Winston. Do you have a Youtube account that you could upload that video? My tractor sounds a little funny when it is running and I have a suspicion there may be trouble there, but I have almost zero experience with diesel.
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Greetings, I am the proud owner of the FX24 that was the subject of this thread. More importantly I consider myself a friend of my brother in Christ, Winston1.

I initially came here in search of some help with the tractor which had lost drive to the REAR wheels. Winston1 fortunately lived fairly, close and offered his help. He was more than just help, he worked the project, I was laid up with knee replacement surgery.

If every site I ever visited on the WEB provided the same degree of genuine interest in solving problems instead of looking to rip off an uneducated rube we would all be better off. Thanks for the knowledgeable input for all who posted here to solve this problem. Particularly Winston1.

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Hello, the thread seems to be quite old, but I'll try to ask a question. Maybe some of you will answer.
I've got Yanmar FX24 and because of the portal axle leak I had to dismantle it and install a new gasket.
After putting it all together everything was ok except 4x4 drive pedal. I mean until the repair I was able to press the 4x4 pedal down and it stood in the pressed position. Right now after pressing the pedal, it comes back to upper position and I can't turn on 4x4 drive. Can anyone explain what could happen that the pedal don't stay in down position?

One more thing. To attach the front drive one have to move the shifter (number 1 on the photo) down. But I don't exactly know what this pedal (number 2 on the picture) is for. Can anyone explain that to me?

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#2 is your differential lock. you sometimes have to be moving for the pedal to align cogs. It should automatically come up when taking your foot off. However, it will sometimes stay engaged until binding of gears is relaxed. Differential lock and 4 wheel drive are two separate components.