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Come on Dad I was a good girl .


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Yes 1 ounce of chocolate per lb of dog is toxic . She did not get the cookie but it was a good picture of her trying 😊
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I'd be willing to drive 500 miles one way from NW NC if anyone is interested. We're getting too old to foster and work with the local human society.... She'll be spayed, up to date on shots and ready to go...

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Come on guys... long story, but one of my ministers was over my place yesterday. He has two girls (not with him) and he kind of fell in love with her (they have no pets). I need a back up plan though ...

Took her to the vet. Worms as to be expected, being treated. Goes pee and poo anytime you take her out. Very laid back puppy. Both my wife and I agree she's very easy to deal with. We went to church today, left her with all the other dogs in the house to roam free (not in the crate) and she didn't destroy anything (although she does like my work-boots to chew on outside the front door LOL).

The only bad news is they figure she is anywhere between 6-8 weeks old by her teeth, and she already weighs over 20lbs, and her paws look kind of big (that can be deceiving from my own experience).

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Mutts in camp this weekend doing what dogs should be doing. Plus socializing with people and other dogs as well.


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Sometimes you choose the dog. Sometimes the dog chooses you. Those are the ones that end up being special.
After 50 or so dogs in our home in the past with the humane society, I know EXACTLY what you mean, believe me.

Thing is, out of any dog I've ever owned, the best dog we've ever owned didn't choose us due to her circumstances, we chose her (the one in my avatar).

That said, this puppy is a keeper (and we may still keep her), but overall she is a GREAT puppy from our past experiences.

That said, there is a lot of love and understanding in other homes, you just need to find them, which is why I commented on her ;)