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How did it turn out after prying it loose from dog's choppers and tossing it on the grill? 👍

Edit...and after inviting the neighbors over 😂😂
We used to live in a very rural cold area and winter required the dogs--all six--stayed in our huge kitchen with warm wood stove as long as they behaved. One Thanksgiving morning I was in the attached garage and I heard a commotion in the kitchen louder than I can describe.

When I opened the door I saw the wife, a 14 year old and six Springer Spaniels rolling around in wrestling fashion on the floor of the kitchen with each trying to gain control of a large roasted turkey breast. Seems one of the dogs violated probation and snatched it off the counter. That's how it started.

The wife prevailed, dusted herself off, cut off the affected portion and turkey day was back on the front burner. Dogs got to stay in the kitchen and promised to behave. They got turkey scraps and gravy over dog food later.

Anyone who lives rural where grocery stores are 25 miles away has wrestled some choice cut from the mouth of a dog or whatever, it just goes with the territory.
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Nap time

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Been a while since I've been here. Another from my Dog On A Log series... Here's my dog doing a Rin Tin Tin impression:

Not thinking I'll ever get a more stunning picture of her (mostly she's insanely doofy-looking).
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Last couple of days, the dogs have been interested in a hedge bush out the front the door.

This morning, after feeding the dogs, all heck breaks loose (at 0530 when it's still kind of dark outside) when I let them out (I do turn on light and go out with flashlight first after our last skunk episode as that's NEVER going to happen a 3rd time LMAO).

Apparently she has been under the hedge the last couple of days is the only thing we could figure.

If she belongs to our neighbors, they don't deserve her with the ticks and fleas we had to treat.

We've got way to many now to take her in...

I'd be willing to drive 500 miles one way from NW NC if anyone is interested. We're getting too old to foster and work with the local human society.... She'll be spayed, up to date on shots and ready to go...

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At my age, you rarely get to pick out your new "best" friend. Being as I have 20 acres and three grown kids, one of the kids will find that the new landlord, or the new job makes raising, feeding,caring for a pet horse,cat,goat, impossibility. But Wait, Dad's got lots of room!! I have been fortunate though, I got to see my kids more than I would otherwise and that goat was a kick in the pants! The latest refugee is a "Carolina dog" named Whiskey and I have been worn out by this guy. I should have named him "The Artful Dodger" after the Dickens character. Google-Carolina dog, they have been in America for some 13,000 years and I had never heard of them before, They are also called the American Dingo.

:mad: Ooops

wrong dog🥴


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