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Apr 18, 2021
Kioti DK40 HSE 2013
I am a new member, but have been reading many threads for a while. I appreciate the expertise and experience of so many members!

I have a DK 40 HSE with industrial tires and double ring chains on the rear. I do mostly "field" and "woods" type work (in other words I don't just mow the lawn!), and I think Ag tires would be much more effective for me.

Does anyone have any input on industrial tires vs. Ag tires?

I can't find much about where I can buy new wheels and tires, nor can I find a part number for the wheels that would match Ag tires. My local dealer is usually not very helpful, and continued this trend on this topic. Does anyone have any information on how I should execute this change?
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The part numbers for your rims to fit ag tires are:
Front: 222043W required tire size it 8x16
Rear: 222044W required tire size is 13.6x24

If you can find a dealer with them in stock it might be cheaper to purchase tire / rim assemblies.
Part numbers are:
Front Left: 222043L
Front Right: 222043R
Rear Left: 222044L
Rear Right: 222044R
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Thanks for the welcome MoKelly! And thank you Perrypower for the part numbers! I'll start shopping an expanded range. Any thoughts on how much I might expect to pay, ballpark?