DIY Fire Starter’s

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Apr 3, 2019
Estacada Oregon
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We were wondering, what are some of the ways that you guys are making your own fire starter’s. I tried small dried fir cones dipped in wax not good. Now using shredded paper stuffed into an ice tray with melted wax works good! Any other ideas? Thanks in advance for any ideas. ☮️✌🏻
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I would suggest some back issues of Field and Stream magazine. Back when I subscribed they had a new idea for fire starting just about every issue. I vaguely remember things like cotton balls, wax and fine steel wool.
Should be able to find them cheap at the used bookstore or free at the library
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I use the fire starter bricks I buy at Walmart. I’m pretty cheap so I break them in half.
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When we get frisky we take dryer lint and push it in egg cartons then drip melted wax on the top then cut those up, works GREAT

My go to is fat wood, buy it in huge quantity like HERE, they come in big pieces, take a hatchet and split them into pencil size pieces, take say 3 of those and light one and put them under some kindling then put firewood directly on top of that and you have a fire... as far as quantity and storage, one of those boxes fits in 3 of the christmas style popcorn tins and one box lasts me 3-4 years (they're cheaper in the off season)

The other dumb option is hand sanitizer, it's amazing what 3 squirts on some kindling will do :), I found gallons of hand sanitizer at home depot clearance (it's crazy what they do once they're not required to supply it...) for $1 a gallon so I bought a bunch of that so I'm covered for years...
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I use pop 12 pack boxes stuff them with newspaper/ kindling/ sometimes dryer lint. Instant fire all the time every time. I think I posted something about my hack on garage hack thread.
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-Cotton balls (even polyester ones) with vaseline
-steel wool and a battery
-wood shavings and wax
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I've been using leftover or discarded wax candles. Melt them in an old skillet and pour the wax about 3/4 inch thick in some kind of container. Add as much sawdust or wood shavings as the wax will absorb. When cool enough to handle break it apart into whatever size pieces you desire. Garage sales or GW Fashions (GoodWill) are good places to get large old candles for a quarter or two.
As mentioned above, pretty much any source of organic material can be used instead of sawdust. Paper, cotton balls, etc. After learning of this method I won't go back to using just newspapers and kindling. (That and the fact our local newspaper just quit.)