Didn't know my 2554 had this

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Mar 22, 2006
~'88 1872(sold); '08 GT2554
I bought the Cub and didn't know it had cruise control. I've set the %&#$^* parking brake it seems like a million times already and didn't notice the little cruise symbol on the lever. Gonna try it out next time I cut.

Can you eliminate the parking brake switch and retain the cruise control? I'd imagine they are separate things so I'll answer my own question and say.....yes. I really hate having to set that brake just to get off the tractor for 5 seconds to pick something up. My yard is perfectly flat so there is no rolling of tractor once I get off.

Before someone gets their panties in a wad, I'm talking about the parking brake switch and not the seat/mower deck disabling switch or drinking from a hose anything real dangerous like that ;)
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The must have changed the design on the 2006+ make-over. The P-brake and CC levers are separate on my 2544. The cruise control is a useless appendage on mine. I've got some looong straight-aways, but inevitably, you've got to slow down to turn, etc..

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I doubt there is a switch on the parking brake. It should still use the switch for the actual brake.
And I agree about the cruise control being worthless. I thought it would be a neat option but I don't think I've ever used it. It's not worth my time to set it for no more than I mow in a straight line.

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I have used the CC a handful of times. It's okay but I don't really have any large flat areas in my lawn. For me the times I have used it I seem to spend more time resetting it because I needed to slow down.
I used it a month ago when I was rolling the yard. It makes a nice selling point but basically useless. (at least for me).
I think the levers for the CC and the PB are separate. The levers just hold the pedals in place when they are pressed.