Decent quality grease gun?

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I've been using this one with a lock-n-lube connector on a 12" flex line
18 Litre Air Grease Pump | Princess Auto
On sale now for CDN$159 reg. $239

You have to buy the grease in bulk. Works excellent and I've been very happy with it for 3+ years now.

The only thing that would make it better would be allowing me to mount the air pump directly to a 50L pail of grease.

No more nasty messy cartridges. Always works. Easy to use.
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Love my Milwaukee 18v grease gun. I dont think I have had to charge it in a couple years now.
Makes the job super easy especially with a lock n lube!
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I've been scared to try the battery powered grease guns after having so much trouble with the air powered ones.

I have several that all seem to work about the same. Not the cheapest, but just basic mid priced models from different stores like Napa and Home Depot. For some unknown reason I would always put the flexible line on them and found greasing to be a tedious struggle. Then one day after buying my 4th or 5th grease gun, I decided to leave the metal tube on it and see what that was like. All I can say is that I'm embarrassed for being so stupid for so long. Greasing with the metal tube was super fast and easy. I have several tractors and every one of them have a few fittings that I need to flexible line to get to, but all the others are easy to get to with the metal tube. I go through 4 or 5 tubes of grease in the gun with the metal tube for every one tube on the grease gun with the flexible tube.
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Whatever you do, put the LockN Lube on the end of the hose or metal tube. I would bet that if you put the LockNLube on whatever gun you have that will cure 90% of your frustrations. The darn little locking end seems overpriced but once you use it you will never be without it. I have never seen a grease gun fail in more than 50 years using grease guns (though I am no big user at all.) I do not see a thing wrong with the lever type. To me, an electric one is just something more to go wrong or care and feed plus I am too tight to pay the extra bucks.

My oldest grease gun was from the days before cartridges. With it you had to stick the end in a bucket or can of grease and carefully suck the grease into it by pulling the plunger. As far as I am concerned ALL of them are a mess and I don't care whether they be lever versus electric versus air driven. One of these days a serious breakthrough invention will come along that simplifies reloading and eliminates the mess.
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I'm not sure i this is the proper place to ask but I figured you all would know and I need a decent grease gun.
All the ones I have bought over the years have all turned to crap in short order.
Tractor supply has a new battery one on sale but no one there knows anything about them.
I have a Jeep, a Lull (telehandler), truck and the Kubota to grease.
It's not the number of vehicles you have, it's the number of zerks, how often, and their positioning that is important.

WOW! I had no idea there would be this much response. I'll look into the Dewalt as I have a ton o Dewalt cordless tools anyway.
The Lock-n-lube looks interesting, I'll check it out.
What do you consider "a ton" of DeWalt tools?

I've only got so far
DCBL720 Blower
DCD780 1/2
DCD790 1/2 drill
DCF886 impact driver
DCG412 4.5 grinder
DCL043 Jobsite led light
DCL043 Jobsite led light
DCR006 Bluetooth speaker
DCS355 oscillating multi tool
DCS361 miter saw
DCS387 Reciprocating saw
DCS391 circ saw
DCST970X1 FLEXVOLT 60V 15" String Trimmer
Plus about a dozen batteries and half a dozen chargers.

So if I get a battery operated grease gun it would definitely be a DeWalt But I've 2 good Lincoln manual ones w/ Lock 'n Lubes and only about two dozen zerks I grease a year. I've 2 zerks I need to take the LnL off to get to.
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Have at least 6 grease guns (some with different tips), no battery ones, and the lock n lube (LnL) on one. The LnL is great, but several places its just to big to get into. My oldest grease gun (don't know what brand) from my Dad works the best. Thought about a shop one, but firing up the dozer, loader or other and drive them over just to use it, just doesn't get it for me. The battery one sounds good, but most the time, I just grab my 5 gallon bucket with all the guns and go grease.
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Kubota, LubriMatic usa, Load-a-matic 425 usa, Alemite 1056-SE4 usa, small one?

grease guns 013_1.JPG

HD Alemite on Amazon $121.....:

Alemite 156-SE4 Heavy-Duty Grease Gun, 1, psi, Delivery 1 oz./16 Strokes, 16 oz. Bulk or 14 oz. Cartridge, 3-Way Loading: Fuel Grease Guns: Industrial & Scientific
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Bought myself the 20V dewalt last year. I like it a lot. Not as impressed with the LNL as others but I am using the one I bought on my new gun. I did finally get a fitting to take grease that has always been a concern on my backhoe. It wasn't until the 3rd time using the new gun but it NEVER took grease with my pistol grip Lincoln.

Here are a few tips:

TS will price match. I used a TS 10% off coupon after having them price match HD and saved some coin.

When the grease runs out on a cordless it changes sound. STOP RIGHT THERE or is will suck the tube closed and be a bear to get the empty tube out of it. You will only do it once. :)

Switch to 5% moly. It seems to last longer.
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I wish they'd put automatic lubrication on the smaller loaders and backhoes.
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I use an air gun when I'm close to the workshop and hand pump when I'm not, either way I have Lock N Lubes on both.. I don't grease things enough to buy a battery gun.. I grease probably 5 times per year.