Dad is taking the final journey

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I lost my dad almost a year ago. It’s hard, and brings back memories of all of our fishing and hunting trips and many years of family activities. I was also executor of his estate, making final funeral plans because he didn’t specify those things in his will. All of those things stir up and keep the memories fresh. Take care of yourself, be thankful for the support of your family, and thank God for the years you were with him.
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Sounds like your Dad lived a full life. May the Lord provide you and your family comfort and peace.
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Our condolences.
Make sure to document the great parts of your memories with him for your family to hand down.
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Sorry Torvy. I lost my mom the other week and it's always tough losing a parent, no matter how prepared we think we are. We have my mom's service and burial next Thursday and it's on my mind constantly.

I hope your dad had all his things in order. It can be a bit of a pain sorting out estates, closing accounts etc. etc. Fortunately for me, I'm the last one standing and all my mom's stuff was moved to a trust a few years ago, with me as the sole trustee.

I was so blessed that my folks were responsible people and planned for their elder years. For my mom, it allowed me to provide in-home care for her. As her needs progressed, I added care as necessary. At the end, we were at a burn rate of $10k/month. However, it made things so much easier on me, the lone child, caring and providing for an elder parent. Having those financial means gave us the flexibility with her care and, allowing us to give her the best care and spend so much more time together. I'm thankful and blessed with the way it worked out with my mom.

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For those who don't plan for their elder care and needs. Good luck.
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Dad's at rest in the Black Hills. This was him 40 years ago.
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Got word today that dad has taken a turn for the worse. They are putting him in Hospice at the VA.

He just turned 92. SMSgt USAF (ret). Originally from Missouri, family lost the farm in the 30s and grew up in Pueblo, CO. He served in both Korea and Viet Nam during wartime. After he retired the 1st time, he joined his BIL in buying out the owner of an IH dealership. It was 1973. After the economy and my uncle drove the business into the ground, dad worked for the Chamber and then took his GI Bill and graduated college at around 55. Taught HS and coached golf until he retired for good. Dad is the kind of guy that most people like. Unlike me, he's a charmer. He used to love fishing until another uncle (by marriage) passed. He's always been a voracious reader, but macular degeneration took what is left of his ability to read. His hearing has been bad for years from service related damage. I think there is no joy left for him and he is ready to go. If your dad is still around, give him a hug or a call. I guess we will be heading up north soon.
Lifting you and family in prayer during this difficult time. God Bless .
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Our prayers and condolences.