Cylinder Safety Stops

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Glad you all are thinking safety and making devices that make working under FEL safer. Like the metal pins over the wire ties for securing the prop. The bigger the tractor the harder to access the engine bay. I wish all FELs had a safety prop. Use the OEM prop on the M59 often to clean the radiators and engine maintenance. Easy to store and deploy. Makes more sense than some of the other safety switches. Have plans to make a similar prop for the B26 someday.

The OP was wanting a safety prop for a suspended load. While a prop will help on the lift cylinder it will not chock the tilt cylinders. So maybe a prop or support frame under the load would be better. Should never work under a suspended load.
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This is the prop that I made when first I bought my Kubota M7040 with a
2018-09-22 11.32.47.jpg
LA1153 loader. The prop also fits the MX loader that I now have on my 50 hp Kubota. I cut a couple of washers into horse shoe shapes and welded them to some T section scrap that I had. Some half inch plywood was glued onto each end to provide protection for the ram end and the pin tube. I only made the one, as it's only ever fitted for short periods of time.