Check your trees for hazards

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Yup you just never know...had BIG blue spruce look healthy and wind storm snap in half for the center was rotten. :(
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We tried shooting cones (actually the whole top) off a tree once. We knew the area and that there was no one working down range. Both of us were decent shots and it still took as long as climbing would have and was not nearly as fun as we thought it would be. Even with a mild breeze, the trunk moves just enough to make it difficult.
Years ago while hunting on my father's land I saw a nice hornet's nest high up in a beech tree that I just had to have. After circling around so that the tree was a backstop I managed to sever the limb with two shots... one took out the bottom of the branch, the second brought it to the ground.

I was a lot younger and steadier then, and practiced shooting regularly; I could never make those shots now.

We also would have to stack 2-3 of our trees here on top of each other to reach the height you have out there. ;)