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Sep 17, 2013
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The trhead is here, I've successfully updated this post a handful of times over the past 3 years with no problems, today, there is no edit ability. What happened and how can the updated document be placed in the post?

I need to update the post with the additional info too. - - -

The latest revision is now 3.21.
Several updates;
- The lose of Valley Power Products
- Mitsubishi and Mahindra (MAM) merged to become the worlds largest tractor manufacture.
- Kubota joined MAM in collaboration venture agreement.
- Cub Cadet 7000 series info added.
- Corrected CASE-IH manuals on page 3. Models are 234, 244 & 254 Hydros.

All this info is a great help to those owners of these Mitsubishi and Satoh compact tractors.

Thanks much!


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The question arose a couple of months ago whether we wanted to be able to edit indefinitely, or have the ability to delete a post.
The majority including me prefer to be able to delete a post, so the site settings were changed.

I believe that you have 3 days to edit or delete, then you are locked into whatever you posted. (Unless you ask a monitor for help.)
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Try editing it now.
   / Can not edit post starting the message thread.
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Try editing it now.
Thank you so much.

I do understand the need to have threads limited to edits and times, however there are just those rare few like mine to only keep the latest and correct document available vs. old docs confusing people. Many times people don't scroll down to see the latest doc.

When I did rev-2, I thought it would be a 1 time thing. Now it's at rev 3.21.

This affects more than just the Mitsubishi Satoh machines, it affects the Bolens, Iseki, Case-IH, and Cub Cadets too made by Mitsubishi and rebranded.