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Jul 29, 2013
Sacramento, California
Kubota B21
I made a simple ripper last year from a box blade scarifier. It worked OK but not great. Finally broke down and got a purpose-built ripper from BXPanded. I would say productivity is at least 2X my DIY ripper.


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I regularly dig out stumps around my place. I was thinking about getting one of them. I was wondering If I could ask you a question? Do you need to swap out your ripper for the bucket to dig down to get to the roots and then swap back to break them? I think I see a quick attach on your backhoe so you can do that faster? The reason I think it is a quick attach, is that it is black and not orange..... ;)
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The ripper is 16" long. Right now our soil is soft so it is easy to push the ripper straight down and pull up anything down to 16". Deeper than that would require removing some dirt with the bucket first. Yes I also got the BXpanded backhoe coupler. I used to change the pin on buckets pretty often, but after adding the thumb that became quite a chore. The coupler allows swapping backhoe implements while leaving the thumb attached.