Bubbles in hydraulic reservoir.

   / Bubbles in hydraulic reservoir.
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Well.... what in the hell goes in front of the seal to keep it in place if it’s pissibke to push out?

Why did it push out?
Why is it sucking air instead of pushing fluid out into the crank case?
Sucking air but blowing the seal out!

There is a groove but it doesn’t look like a C clip groove

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While this doesn't depict your pump, it does show that some pumps do use a circlip. I wouldn't hesitate to install one. Your pump may be unique because of the end cap ports, but all the ones I've had experience with (including myself) have always blown on the pressure side and filled the crankcase with hydraulic oil, usually from deadheading.

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Thanks!! Just what I needed to make it clear. Strange I’ve worked on plenty of these things I just couldn’t conviencw myself.

See I think it was screwed from the factory. The circlip groove is extremely shallow and more rounded. I don’t think it ever had a clip. I’m lucky it lasted this long. Just recently got a heavy bushog and I think it might have contributed.

I put it on the mill recut the groove and installed a circlip. I think I’m good to go now. Tomorrow I’ll put new fluid in and test it out.
   / Bubbles in hydraulic reservoir.
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I thank you all so very much for the replies and help!! This is what I needed!

Thank again!!
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Technically, you really don't need the circlip as there is no pressure to push it out, unless the vent for the hydraulic system is plugged and is creating pressure at the tank, which could cause the seal to be pushed out. Might be something to look for.