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Use an old truck driveshaft from the boneyard to make a new roller for the flail mower?
I have the machined roller ends (ordered from Flailmaster because I was going to make a new roller a while ago...), I just need some tubing. I'll have a vendor from work order me a piece in. I'm thinking I'll have him order a piece with increased wall thickness to hopefully avoid this situation in the future. I'll have him counterbore the ends to match the OEM ID of the tubing. Weight is not an issue with the tractor so adding the extra weight of the wall thickness will only benefit me.
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that will help keep grass build up knocked off
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Well, I got the roller mended enough to use for a bit.

Using the 3 foot long C-channel did not work. The roller dips in the middle where the crack was so I couldn't get the roller straight enough. I ended up using 2 jack stands and resting the roller on them until it was straight enough.


I don't have a magnetic ground, and I didn't want the current to flow through the bearings (even though they are worn out) so I got creative. Holding a washer in the ground clamp I tacked it onto the roller for the ground clamp to hang on. I only needed enough strength for the clamp to hang on and not be permanent.


I proceeded to weld the crack. It wasn't straight or even, so following along was tricky. Eventually I got it all the way around. It's not pretty, but hopefully it will hold for a week or two while I get the new roller made.


I then took my BFH (the closest hammer available - 52oz deadblow) and knocked the grounding washer off the roller.


I also noticed that my gas shield is charged. If the shield touched the roller it would short out and fuse on. I should probably check on that.
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Nice work! (y)
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I can confidently say that the weld is good. I just mowed my yard and the ditch without the roller bending in half again.

Now where did that round tuit for that new roller go... :ROFLMAO:
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My problem is having 95% of boxes, bins, and containers overflowing with sorts. Well, just in the barn, garage, machine shop, computer and reloading rooms, back or the golf cart and most all cup holders anywhere ...

No telling if I'll ever sort things out.
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I bought my shop forklift used 30 years ago and I finally got around to adding a tool box and dunnage rack. No one can ever accuse me of rushing into things LOL

I used this 18"x36" section of Metro shelving rescued from the dumpster.






I will probably leave it a day or two in case I need to change or add something before I do final mounts and prep for paint.