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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
Kubota B3030HSDC
I bought the rear wiper kit from my local Kubota dealer today. The kits lists for apprroximately $122.00, but cost me $109.79. For anyone interested, it took me about an hour and a half to install.

Below is the kit as it comes out of the box, and some pretty basic tools you will need to do the install.


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The first step was to remove the rubber plugs that come in the back window. Then, i cleaned the window with some windex. I installed the new rubber grommets in the appropriate holes, removed the backing from the decal, and installed the decal onto the window. The decal just hides the wiper motor from view when looking at the rear of the tractor. After the decal was applied, i pushed the bushings into the grommets.


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Next i pushed the bolts for the wiper motor through the bushings, held the motor in place and put the nuts on and snugged them up. I then put the wiper blade on the arm and installed the wiper assembly. Initially, i was able to lower just the very back of the headliner to fish the wiring out. Its great the Kubota put all the wiring in place for all the options, making it as easy as plugging the switch and the wiper motor in. Unfortunately.... to hook up the window washer, the whole headliner must come out. The plastic buttons are removed by using a small pick to pry the centers out. The A/C vents left and right were removed, the trim around the HVAC control came out, the mounting box for the stereo, and finally..... a couple bolts in the front near the top of the windshield. I gently rested the headliner on the hood while i had it out.


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Have you ever wondered what your headliner is hiding??


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There is one more plug tucked up in the corner. It must be for the rear worklight switch, which i do not have yet. That may be next month's project!

Then, you must track down where the washer hose comes up to the ceiling and cut it. The kit comes with a tee...... cut the new piece of hose to the correct length, and push all three ends (the two where you cut the original hose, and the new hose for the rear washer) onto the tee. I installed the washer nozzle through the glass,and then pushed the washer hose onto it.


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I tested both the wiper and washer while the headliner was still out. After making sure everything worked, i re-installed the headliner. All that was left was to adjust the position of the wiper so that at the top of its stroke, it was horizontal..... this actually took me three tries to get it positioned where i wanted it. The whole install took me close to two hours (including taking pics), but now that i've had the headliner out, i think i could do this in about an hour next time!

Bring on the rain !!


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I had one installed in mine before I picked it up, because sometime the snow would stick to the rear window. Now i am wonering why I spend the money on it, since I have never used it. Do you think you will have a need for it?
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I installed it because i think it will come in handy next winter. We had several storms this year where we got a foot+ dumped on us, then it turned to rain. If i'm wrong and don't use it much........ well, i've blown a hundred bucks on worse things ! :rolleyes:
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Even if you don't use the wipers all the time I think it looks much better on. Otherwise its missing something.
Nice job with all the pictures.

Buy the way next time you have to get the headliner down just push the center of the gray plastic rivets in. Don't try and dig them out with a pick, just a very slight push it goes click and the rivet pops out. Don't push the center all the way in, just a 16th of an inch.
Try it. That will save you some time next time.
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Thanks for the advice on the "rivets" ! I suspect i'll be adding the rear worklights in the near future.