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Smallplot said:
A little off topic here Nevada, how is that water tank working on your BX for you?

My timing was off. After I bought it I didin't need it the rest of the year. :smiley_aafz:

I knew that I was going to have to take off the backhoe to use it and I wasn't going to really need it until later this year, so its just been sitting. :(

I have my backhoe dolly from Bxpanded and am ready to go, just need the backhoe for the next month or two, clearing out rocks and planting some fruit trees.

Then off with the backhoe and on with the 3p hitch/box blade/water wagon usage. :cloud9:

Right now the little 30 gallon tow behind sprayer is working great for small jobs like weed/flea/tick/ant control, but the 300 gallon sprayer is going to be so cool to use.
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