Advice on driveway repair/sloping/drainage

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Thanks for the additional pics. Now I'm more than ever convinced that the driveway needs to slope toward the electric pole, Jeep Wrangler side, run all the water off toward the small sheds in the distance. Much better than having it run toward the house. Between the Liberty and the first tree to the left.

I don't think your driveway can function properly with a crown. Needs to be a one sided slope. To the left when looking at your last pic.

I agree with ovrszd. The only thing I would add would be to dig in some swales (depressions) on the left/uphill side of the drive to divert off some of the water and slow the velocity as it comes down the hill.
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We hear a story of an old man that used to take his old oil and put it on his drive way to keep the dust down in the summer. EPA fined him and he had to remove the top layer of soil and have it disposed of. Later his son had it paved. The first thing they did was to spray down a layer of oil. They can do it but you can't. And I do try and stop my oil leaks and don't want it to kill the grass.

I had a 265gal. heating oil tank with a spreader bar that I attached.
Slid it in the back of my pickup, and pumped out a gas station waste oil tank every quarter.
Spread several thousand gallons on my 1400' dirt driveway, eventually building up a surface about 2" thick.
My Ex later sold the property to a developer (every wife owns YOUR house!)
I assume the developer just buried the old driveway surface.