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Oct 31, 2007
John Deere 4066R Cab and loader
Well I finally got to play a little bit with the new tractor. I used the 73" bucket to haul some rocks I was pulling out of the yard and these rocks turned out to be boulders. Most were 2 feet in diameter and since this is an old farm field I take it no one ever picked rock. Anyway I was able to load every rock in one trip and it was a piece of cake.

Yesterday the wife got to mow half the yard with it and though it was a little faster. Today I finished mowing the rest of the yard in about an hour quicker than the old 2320 and 62D combo.

a. the 2520 can travel faster and the bigger deck makes a difference in time and since we have had to delay mowing due to rain the grass was taller than normal cutting.

b. ride is actually smoother than the old 2320 combo. plus the 2520 and 72" deck seems quieter as well.

c. more power that is really noticeable. In areas where I would normally bog down I would see maybe a 200 rpm drop and than a fast recovery. The added torque is very noticeable and it should only get better as it breaks in.

d. loader speed is really noticeable. since I do the most loader work in the winter I see that as a time saver along with the larger bucket will save some time as well. summer is just moving some gravel and dirt and that to should equate to less time.

e. since everything is getting done quicker I am getting less seat time.:(
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Congrats on the new tool.... uh yea.... tool.....

looking forward to more stories...
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Hopefully,it will keep on impressing you!:thumbsup:

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Congratulations! Any other differences between the two deck's that you have noticed? Also, how do you like the Michigan suspension seat?
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Happyness is a new tool, congrats and enjoy!!!
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Congratulations! Any other differences between the two deck's that you have noticed? Also, how do you like the Michigan suspension seat?[/QUOTE

I love the Michigan seat. I got it from Northern Tool but you can also use the JD SE seat, which is identical only yellow. I had it on my 2320 and transferred it to the 2520. IMO, I would enjoy the tractor as much without the seat. Look for GLC24 write up on the mod, http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/john-deere-owning-operating/161891-se-seat-my-2520-a.html .

I believe the deck is a little quiter than the 62D was but I still have 15,300 tip speed. The deck makes a very nice cut and windrowing does not seem as bad. I have the deck set to 3 1/4 inches and I have not had any scalping and my yard/field is anything but level. The front anti-scalping wheels can leave a mark every now and then but nothing bad. The height adjusting for the front outside wheels is what interferes with the swiveling as these height adjusting spacers are mounted dry and must rotate with the wheel shaft which is a greased shaft (dumb design the 62D has a better design). 62D has a pinned selected shaft to select height with a greased shaft and the 72" uses spacers to set the height which are not lubed but the shaft is lubed like the 62D is. I will try some graphite lube to help them rotate freely.

On other forums I have read that some think the 72" deck is to big for the 2520 hp and I say that is the farthest from the truth. The tractor runs it with no problems. I mow in "High" range to give you and idea of the power capabilities of the combo and if I bog down it will only drop about 200 rpm and recover quickly. Now when I say high range I mean high range selected and something faster than low range but not pegged to the floor either.

Know let me also say that I forced it to bog down to help put a load on the new engine to help seat the rings and the break-in process. I did this by leaving the loader and bucket on while I mowed a section and instead of going across my side hill I mowed it going up. This side hill is a very steep grade and in low range going up hill I could force a 500-600 rpm drop.

The 72" deck is also not a drive over deck. So you need an area to be able to slide it out from the side. I have a storage shed attached to the otherside of my shop and I just drive in the other door drop it, slide out from underneath and I am done. If you do not have an area to drop it and slide it out this might not be a deck for some. It is a quicker cut for bigger areas due to the increased size. So far I would say it has cut close to an hour off our mowing time from 4 hours to 3 hours. I would be able to give an a exact time once I am able to mow the entire grass none stop.

Overall the deck is a very nice cutter and I am impressed with it so far and with the comfortable seat you could cut for days.
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Personally I ran into some unexpected issues.

First off running out of power in Low with the mower deck on it on a little hill.
Completely running out of power backing up a big hill in reverse with the mower deck not at full speed, and running out of power at full speed in reverse with the mower deck engaged on not such a big hill.